Exoprimal and Mega Man Join Forces in Exciting New Gameplay Trailer

In an electrifying unveiling, the world of Exoprimal has collided with the iconic universe of Mega Man for an unprecedented collaboration, sending ripples of excitement through the gaming community. This partnership brings to life a dynamic blend of nostalgia and futuristic dinosaur-battling action, spotlighted in the freshly released collaboration trailer that showcases an imaginative fusion of both worlds.

The trailer introduces players to an array of six freshly minted Beta Variant Exosuits, drawing inspiration directly from the Mega Man series to endow players with unparalleled prowess on the battlefield. These include:

  • Zephyr Beta: Boost Claws – For those who relish close-quarters combat with rapid, slicing maneuvers.
  • Vigilant Beta: Bowhunter – Offering a blend of precision and elegance, perfect for those who prefer to strike from a distance.
  • Krieger Beta: Blitz Cannon – A devastating option for players aiming to deliver potent blasts against their adversaries.
  • Murasame Beta: Windcaller – Ideal for tacticians craving control over the battlefield with slicing gusts.
  • Witchdoctor Beta: Plasma Shot – Merging the mystical with the mechanical, it offers a versatile combat approach.
  • Nimbus Beta: Wild Bomb – Designed for chaos lovers, capable of unleashing explosive havoc on dinosaur foes.

True to the spirit of collaboration, the trailer also reveals special cosmetic sets that allow Exofighters to don appearances reminiscent of beloved Mega Man characters. These sets bring a blend of charm and power, featuring:

  • Mega Man (Nimbus) – Transform into the iconic blue bomber himself with this set.
  • Air Man (Witchdoctor) – Embrace the wind with the agility and grace of Air Man.
  • Yellow Devil (Krieger) – Cloak yourself in the fearsome visage of the robust Yellow Devil.

Mark your calendars, as the fusion of Exoprimal’s dinosaur-fueled frenzy with Mega Man’s retro-futuristic charm is set to go live on April 17, 2024. This significant update, part of the Exoprimal Title Update 4, promises an upgraded gameplay experience rich with nods to Mega Man’s storied legacy, captivating both new players and veterans alike.

As the release date approaches, anticipation is building for how this unique collaboration will unfold and the new dimensions it will introduce to the Exoprimal universe. Stay tuned for a thrilling adventure where dinosaurs meet robots in an epic saga of power, precision, and nostalgia.

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