Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s Update 1.12.2 Eases Player Challenges

In the latest gaming news, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has just received its inaugural update since launching. The recent Release of Update 1.12.2 introduces various improvements that could potentially make the gameplay experience slightly more accessible for players. Notably, the update enhances player attack powers and damage mitigations, providing a bit of relief, especially for those just beginning their journey in the downloadable content (DLC). Additionally, those playing on PC can expect some bug fixes aimed at optimizing the performance and overall player experience.

Sony Unveils PlayStation Plus Games for July

In other gaming news, Sony has disclosed the lineup of games coming to PlayStation Plus in July, featuring an exciting selection for sports enthusiasts, including a notable hockey game. This announcement has sparked interest among PlayStation Plus subscribers eagerly awaiting new titles to explore and play.

Capcom’s Return to a Zombie Favorite

Moreover, Capcom has not been silent in the gaming arena either. The renowned developer has taken the wraps off its plans for another remaster, this time revisiting the iconic zombie franchise with a fresh remaster of Dead Rising. This development ensures that fans of the classic zombie-slaying escapade can look forward to engaging with the undead in more polished and refined graphics.

This slew of updates and announcements underlines the continuous efforts by game developers and companies to enhance player experiences, whether through quality-of-life improvements, new content offerings, or reviving beloved classics with modern upgrades.

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