Ka-Ko Jo’s Expands Its Arcade Fun to a Third Location in the US

Excitement buzzes through Billings, Montana, as the family-owned entertainment marvel, Ka-Ko Jo’s, gears up to unveil its third US location. Nestled within the vibrant corridors of Rimrock Mall, this new addition to the Ka-Ko Jo’s family promises to be a beacon of fun and adventure for arcade enthusiasts and fun-seekers alike.

The grand opening, poised to be a memorable event, is slated for February 29. Attendees will have the joy of exploring an expansive arcade floor adorned with over 50 game stations. From the nostalgia-driven allure of retro classics to the adrenaline-pumping action of shooting games, and the rewarding challenge of redemption games, Ka-Ko Jo’s is set to cater to a wide variety of gaming tastes.

Adding to the modern gaming experience, Ka-Ko Jo’s introduces a seamless play card system, which will be utilized for both game credits and ticket redemption, ensuring a hassle-free adventure through its gaming landscape.

For those craving an extra dose of excitement, the arcade is set to feature a virtual reality roller coaster experience, offering a thrilling digital escapade that defies the limits of imagination. Additionally, the adventurous at heart can look forward to testing their skills at the Axe Master axe throwing game, provided by the well-regarded Bay Tek.

But the fun doesn’t stop at games. Customers will have the pleasure of indulging in an array of food and beverage options designed to satiate all cravings. The menu features a selection of favorites, including mouth-watering pizzas, creamy cheesy nachos, and delectable ice cream – each offering a perfect complement to the gaming experience.

The establishment of Ka-Ko Jo’s third arcade within Rimrock Mall has been met with enthusiasm and positive anticipation. Devin Hartley, the Vice President and Senior General Manager of Rimrock Mall, expressed his excitement about integrating this new family destination into the community. The addition is seen as not just an entertainment avenue but a vibrant communal space that promises to bring individuals and families together for unforgettable moments of joy and bonding.

As February 29 approaches, the air in Billings, Montana, is charged with anticipation for the grand opening of Ka-Ko Jo’s latest arcade. This new location is poised to be a cornerstone of family entertainment, blending the charm of classic arcade gaming with the thrill of modern virtual adventures. It stands as a testament to the evolving world of fun, aiming to create lasting memories for all who step through its doors.

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