Mumbai Travel Agency Owner Arrested for Defrauding Businessman of Rs 1.57 Crore in Elaborate Scam

In a shocking incident from the bustling city of Mumbai, the local police force has once again been called into action to arrest Tejas Shah, the proprietor of Poorva Tours and Travels, on charges of fraud. This comes after a businessman lodged a complaint accusing Shah of duping him of a massive sum of Rs 1.57 crore. What makes this case particularly alarming is that it marks the second instance of Shah’s arrest under similar charges in the recent months, cementing a troubling pattern of deceit and betrayal.

The backstory of this deceitful saga began in the previous year when Vijay Kumar Devendra Jain, a 54-year-old businessman, decided to plan a family trip to Ladakh. He turned to Poorva Tours and Travels, drawn in by its promises and possibly its owner’s charm. Over the year, Jain and Shah built what seemed to be a solid rapport, founded on the numerous meet-ups and successful travel plans curated by Shah’s company. However, the latest turn of events would prove that this relationship was anything but trustworthy.

Earlier in April, an enticing offer for a 10-night trip to Australia and New Zealand was presented to Jain by Shah. Eager for another adventure, Jain did not hesitate to make the payment required to secure this exciting journey. The confirmation of his payment was smoothly delivered via an email from Shah, who also mentioned an outstanding amount of Rs 50,000. Trusting Shah, Jain responded to the email and even arranged a meeting with Shah to discuss it further.

It was during this meeting that Shah presented a distressing request—he asked Jain for a financial ‘help’ of Rs 1.57 crore to support his flailing business. He offered post-dated cheques to ensure monthly repayments, along with covering the expenses for the planned trip to Australia and New Zealand. Due to the trust that had been built over past interactions and travel arrangements, Jain obliged, hoping his investment would be secure and potentially helpful to Shah’s pressing business needs.

The narrative took a dramatic and disheartening turn when Jain discovered that all the cheques provided by Shah were dishonored by the bank. Facing this alarming red flag, Jain confronted Shah, who insisted that the cheques be redeposited as he claimed to have sufficient funds. Unfortunately, these promises proved to be empty, and the cheques were again returned by the bank, revealing the harsh reality of the situation.

Faced with no other resort, Jain approached the police to report his grievous financial loss, only to uncover that he was not Shah’s first victim. It was revealed that Shah had already been arrested in May for a similar scam, where he cheated a family aspiring for a trip to South Africa out of Rs 20 lakh by failing to deliver on the promised travel package.

The relentless pursuit of justice by the Mumbai police brought to light the habitual offense committed by Tejas Shah. His repeated preying on hopeful travelers not only shattered dreams but also embezzled large sums of money under the guise of promised trips and false assurances. As the investigation continues, the hope is to bring closure to the victims and to caution others against similar fraudulent schemes.

The law now holds Shah accountable for his actions, seeking to deter the reoccurrence of such extortionate frauds, as the betrayed clients attempt to move past the financial and emotional turmoil inflicted upon them by trusted businesses gone rogue.

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