Fantasy and Frivolity Collide in ‘Game of Tiaras’

In an imaginative fusion that combines the intricate plots of “Game of Thrones” with the enchanting world of Disney princesses and a dash of Shakespeare’s venerable “King Lear,” a new theatrical experience dubbed ‘Game of Tiaras’ is captivating audiences. This production takes viewers to a whimsical kingdom where the aged monarch decides it’s time to distribute his empire among his three daughters: Cinderella, Belle, and the Snow Queen. What follows is a series of events filled with dark humor and tragic twists.

The brainchild of playwright Don Zolidis, ‘Game of Tiaras’ unfolds amidst a backdrop of sibling rivalries, dark secrets, and forbidden alliances. The throne’s allure spurs the royal family members into a series of cunning schemes and betrayals, reminiscent of the Machiavellian tactics associated with medieval royalty. As the quest for power intensifies, the storyline weaves through unexpected hilarity and somber moments, holding the audience in rapt attention with its escalating body count.

Directed by Marina Kalani, with Joni Dunlap serving as assistant director, the production showcases a talented ensemble cast that breathes life into this fantastical tale. Melodie Ellison takes on the role of Cinderella, portraying her not as the traditional fairytale damsel but as a fierce and assertive contender to her father’s legacy. Ellison, with a rich background in theatre and performance, finds this role both challenging and exhilarating.

Ellison shares her enjoyment of the collaborative spirit and camaraderie present among the cast and crew, highlighting the refreshing experience of working under Kalani and Dunlap’s guidance. Their joint vision has created a safe and vibrant environment conducive to creativity and growth.

Bringing additional layers to the fantastical narrative is Annaliese “Annie” Kuhn, who adeptly juggles multiple roles, including the Little Mermaid, a dwarf, and a castle guard. Kuhn’s enthusiastic participation adds a dynamic energy to the play, underscoring its comedic yet bizarre rendition of familiar characters. Kuhn reassures prospective audiences about the show’s suitability for a wide array of viewers, pointing out its clever blend of comedy and tragedy without crossing into explicit content, despite its numerous staged deaths.

‘Game of Tiaras’ is not merely a play; it’s an exploration into the realm of imagination where fairytales are not as simple as they seem, and power struggles can lead to unexpected outcomes. Although the play steers away from being a musical, attendees are treated to musical interludes that punctuate the drama with delightful whimsy.

This production is a testament to the creative potential that emerges when disparate elements are combined to tell a story that is both familiar and entirely new. It promises to be a memorable experience for anyone who finds joy in theatre, fantasy, or the mere act of storytelling.

The curtains rise for ‘Game of Tiaras’ on April 4, with performances slated through April 21. For those intrigued by this innovative melding of genres and tales, tickets and further information are available by reaching out to the theatre’s box office.

‘Game of Tiaras’ beckons to those enchanted by the allure of fairytales, the thrill of power struggles, and the timeless charm of Shakespearean drama. It’s a unique venture into a world where laughter and sorrow meet, proving that even in the most fantastical settings, the human spirit prevails.

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