Upcoming Local Events Not to Miss!

Our community calendar is buzzing with a plethora of exciting events in the upcoming weeks. Whether you’re a biking enthusiast, passionate about community service, or looking for family-friendly activities, there’s something for everyone. Mark your calendars and join us in making some unforgettable memories!

Ride for the Memories Poker Run

The much-anticipated annual event, the Franklin Barnett Memorial Poker Run, is around the corner! Scheduled for October 12, this event promises a day filled with adventure, music, and delicious food. Benefiting Alzheimer’s research, bikers across the region are invited to take part in this noble cause. Enjoy live performances by local talents Kevin McCall and Emily Franklin while indulging in some Honey Bug BBQ. The event caters to all vehicles, ensuring a diverse and vibrant gathering. For further information on how you can participate or support, make sure to check out the local rotary club’s event page.

Free Tax and Financial Clinic

In an effort to support our community members facing financial hurdles, a free tax and financial clinic will be hosted at the First United Methodist Church located in downtown Murphy. This clinic is tailored for households earning below 225 percent of the federal poverty level, offering services ranging from tax preparation to financial counseling. Appointments are mandatory for these sessions, with both in-person and remote options available. This initiative is powered by Zacchaeus Financial Counseling Inc., aiming to alleviate financial stress and foster financial literacy among participants.

Amateur Radio Club Gathering

The Appalachia Amateur Radio Club, previously known as WCARS-Murphy Chapter, invites radio enthusiasts to its monthly meetings. These gatherings are an excellent opportunity for individuals passionate about amateur radio to connect, share knowledge, and discuss this fascinating hobby. Additionally, the club organizes brunch meet-ups twice a month at the Main Street Cafe, creating a casual atmosphere for members to mingle and discuss their radio adventures.

License Testing for Amateur Radio Operators

For those interested in diving into the world of amateur radio, the Tri-State VE Team offers monthly testing sessions crucial for acquiring an amateur radio license. These sessions, held at a central community location, are essential for both new and experienced enthusiasts looking to achieve or upgrade their license. The team warmly encourages interested parties to reach out for registration details and further information.

Enthusiast Meetings and Family Fun Days

April is filled with enthusiast meetings and family-focused events. Whether you have a keen interest in vintage automobiles with the Brasstown Valley A’s or are looking for a delightful day out with the kids at the Unaka and Grape Creek Community Development clubs’ Youth Day, there’s plenty on offer. Educational workshops and awareness walks are part of the mix, aimed at promoting learning, health, and community solidarity.

One notable highlight is the 22-Mile Hump Veteran Suicide Awareness Walk, a gesture of support and awareness for the heroes who’ve served our country. This event invites the whole community to come together for a cause that touches many lives.

We encourage everyone to participate, support, or simply spread the word about these meaningful events. They not only provide an opportunity for fun and learning but also strengthen the bonds within our community. Let us come together and make these events a success!

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