Put Respect On Their Name! KARD’s BM Shows Support For Stray Kids After Group Faces Paps’ Racist Jabs At Met Gala

In an unprecedented move that thrilled fans worldwide, Stray Kids broke new ground by being the first K-pop group to grace the Met Gala. Their attendance was a momentous occasion, signifying the genre’s growing global influence and the breaking down of international cultural barriers. However, the group’s monumental appearance was tainted by an unfortunate incident with the paparazzi, who subjected the members to disrespectful and racist comments.

The incident, rather than dampening the spirits of the group, was met with grace and maturity, particularly from the group’s leader, Bang Chan. Demonstrating immense composure and professionalism, Bang Chan navigated the unpleasant encounter with the paparazzi, showing the world the strength and resilience often required from international superstars stepping onto global stages.

However, BM from co-ed K-pop group KARD, took to social media to express his indignation and support for Stray Kids. Known for his outspoken nature and strong camaraderie within the K-pop community, BM did not mince his words, boldly telling the paparazzi to “square up,” a colloquial term indicating his readiness to confront those who disrespected his peers. BM’s reaction was not just a display of solidarity but a stark reminder of the racial hurdles international artists often face, and the unity within the K-pop industry in facing such challenges.

BM’s statement swiftly garnered support from fans and fellow artists alike, turning the incident into a rallying cry for respect, understanding, and global unity in the face of adversity. It highlighted not just the individual characters of those involved but the broader, communal pushback against discrimination and disrespect in the entertainment industry. This support reflects a growing awareness and intolerance for racial insensitivity and showcases the tight-knit nature of the K-pop community.

The support for Stray Kids from within the K-pop industry, exemplified by BM’s swift defense, underlines the solidarity among artists and the collective stand against racism. It also reflects the industry’s growth beyond just music, into a force advocating for inclusivity and respect across cultures and borders. The response from the community and beyond underscores the universal appeal of K-pop and its ability to unite people across different backgrounds in support of common values.

This incident at the Met Gala, while unfortunate, serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by those breaking new ground in global entertainment. Yet, it also shines a light on the beauty of solidarity and support, traits that the K-pop community holds dearly. As Stray Kids continue to chart their course in history, the incident is a testament to the strength found in unity, and a hopeful sign of the tides of change in global recognition and respect for K-pop and its artists.

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