NIST Taps Kevin Stine to Lead Its IT Lab

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has made a significant appointment, naming Kevin Stine as the Director of its Information Technology Laboratory (ITL). This announcement follows Stine’s extensive career in cybersecurity and his multiple roles within NIST itself, marking a new chapter for both Stine and the ITL.

Founded in 1996, the ITL represents a pivotal division within NIST, concentrating on the measurement, testing, and standards of information technology to bolster trust in IT systems worldwide. Its creation combined the strengths of the agency’s computing and applied mathematics laboratories, facilitating breakthroughs in technology and the establishment of seminal publications. These include pivotal frameworks for Cybersecurity, Zero Trust Architecture, and Artificial Intelligence Risk Management.

As the ITL’s new director, Stine is at the helm of an institution vital to technological advancement, overseeing a team of over 600 staff members dedicated to advancing metric and measurement sciences. This spans a broad spectrum of expertise, from computer science and mathematics to statistics, systems engineering, cybersecurity, and privacy.

Stine’s journey with NIST began in 2006, and his most recent role was as the Chief of the ITL’s Applied Cybersecurity Division. This division is integral to national cybersecurity efforts, overseeing initiatives like the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and the development of the Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity, known as NICE.

Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and NIST Director Laurie Locascio expressed her confidence in Stine’s appointment. “Kevin brings a wealth of experience to this position, along with a proven track record of success,” Locascio said. She lauded his pivotal role in the development of NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework and his efforts to expand several programs crucial to national and economic security.

Locascio further highlighted Stine’s reputation as a leader not only within NIST but also on the national and global stages. “Kevin is an extremely well-respected leader — within NIST as well as nationally and globally — and we are thrilled to see him take on this new role,” she remarked.

Stine’s appointment comes at a time when the realm of information technology continually evolves, posing new challenges and opportunities for standardization and security. With his extensive background and leadership within NIST’s cybersecurity domain, Stine is well-positioned to guide the ITL forward, continuing its mission to develop standards and technologies that ensure trust and reliability in IT systems around the globe.

For the IT industry and cybersecurity professionals, Stine’s leadership signifies a continued commitment to advancing NIST’s role in fostering secure and trustworthy technologies. As the landscape of IT evolves, the ITL under Stine’s direction is set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of technology standards and security frameworks.

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