Street Fighter 6 Welcomes the Return of M. Bison with Classic and New Thrills Alike

The legendary villain M. Bison makes his grand entrance into Street Fighter 6, confirmed to be joining the fray on June 26th as part of the exciting unveiling at Summer Game Fest. This marks the beginning of the Year 2 Character Pass, bringing this formidable foe back into the spotlight. Fans were treated to a spectacular gameplay trailer showcasing Bison in action, complete with his striking new steed.

Emerging from the shadows of Street Fighter 5’s storyline, Bison finds himself bereft of his memories in Metro City, only to rediscover his identity in the Ruined Lab. Despite his amnesia, the essence of Bison’s power remains untouched, allowing him to execute his feared Psycho Crusher and a repertoire of his iconic moves with deadly precision.

Beyond his classic arsenal, Bison introduces fresh tactics to his combat style. An innovative move, Shadow Rise, propels him into a high leap with two possible devastating follow-up attacks – the Head Press, culminating in a bone-crushing Somersault Skull Diver, or the Shadow Rise Devil Reverse, delivering a sharp chop. Moreover, Bison’s new Backfist Combo lays down Psycho Mines that explode after a brief delay or when triggered by specific attacks, adding a layer of strategic depth to his offense.

Nostalgia hits hard with Bison donning his emblematic red uniform, a nod to his appearances in earlier entries of the series. Fans eager for more information on Bison’s Super Arts and his role in the storyline are encouraged to stay tuned.

The Year 2 Character Pass not only heralds the return of M. Bison but also introduces other iconic fighters into the mix, including Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury, along with Elena from Street Fighter 3: New Generation. Details on their debut dates are anticipated to follow shortly, promising a robust expansion to the game’s roster.

As Street Fighter 6 continues to build on its legacy with both returning legends and new challengers, the anticipation for what’s to come next keeps the community on its toes. Be sure to keep an eye out for further announcements as more characters make their way to the battle stage, ready to write the next chapter in this storied franchise.

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