LUKSO Launches Innovative Grant Program to Support New Creative Economy

In an exciting development for the blockchain and creative sectors, LUKSO has unveiled a pioneering grant program aimed at nurturing an ecosystem rich in projects that prioritize user engagement, social interaction, and creativity. Kicking off with an impressive $1 million USD fund, the inaugural round of the LUKSO Grants Program promises to breathe fresh life into the realms of digital art, decentralized applications (dApps), and beyond. This initiative is set to be the first of many, with plans to roll out additional funding opportunities on a quarterly basis.

At its core, LUKSO is redefining the landscape for blockchain technology. As a layer-1 EVM blockchain platform, it sets out to transform the interface between users and the burgeoning creative economy. This innovative platform was brought into existence by Fabian Vogelsteller and Marjorie Hernandez. Vogelsteller brings a wealth of experience as the mind behind ERC-20, ERC-725, and as a spearheading developer of Ethereum. Meanwhile, Hernandez is renowned for founding The Dematerialised, a digital market space that emphasizes experiential interaction with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Since its official launch in May 2023, LUKSO has swiftly amassed a community of over 145,000 validators, underscoring the blockchain’s appeal and potential for widespread adoption.

Fabian Vogelsteller, reflecting on the grant program’s introduction, shared his enthusiasm for the broader implications of LUKSO’s technological contributions. With a focus on innovative smart contract standards and Universal Profiles, LUKSO is setting the stage for a wealth of new applications, ranging from decentralized social platforms to dynamic realms within the creator economy. The ambition is for LUKSO to offer a foundational infrastructure that makes blockchain more accessible to mainstream audiences by streamlining account creation and management, alongside mitigating the often prohibitive costs associated with gas fees.

One of the hallmark features of LUKSO is its Universal Profiles. This novel system provides a unified, on-chain, and fully recoverable web3 identity solution. It offers the convenience of managing blockchain activities seamlessly, without the need for a traditional wallet or the incurrence of gas fees.

The LUKSO Grant Program is calling for proposals from projects that contribute positively to the LUKSO ecosystem, leveraging the platform’s Standards Proposals (LSPs) and Universal Profiles to enhance the functionality and user experience of blockchain dApps and interactions. The program is open to a wide range of project types, including but not limited to dApps, infrastructure and developer tools, and initiatives focused on education and community building. Specifically, dApp projects within the Creator Economy & Social Media, DAOs, DeFi, Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Gaming & Virtual Worlds, Marketplaces, and Sustainability segments are encouraged to apply.

Starting May 1st, 2024, at 4pm CET, the doors will open for applications, concluding on June 16th at 4pm CET. This grace period offers a generous window for innovators and creators to prepare and submit their projects for consideration.

With the introduction of this grant program, LUKSO is poised to spark a revolution, ushering in an era of blockchain-driven innovation focused on fostering a more engaging, socially interactive, and creatively rich digital economy. The future looks bright for developers and creatives passionate about leveraging blockchain to enhance digital interaction and expression.

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