Mojang Celebrates Minecraft’s 15th Anniversary With A 72% Discount On Android!

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the iconic sandbox game Minecraft, Mojang Studios is rolling out a spectacular celebration that goes beyond just cake and balloons. From May 15th until the end of May 2024, fans of this beloved game are in for a treat, with substantial discounts on all Minecraft games across various platforms.

In an unprecedented move, Minecraft for Android is seeing a massive price cut, plummeting from its usual price of $6.99 to a mere $1.99. This dramatic 72% discount isn’t confined to specific regions – it’s a global celebration, making it a golden opportunity for gamers around the world to dive into the pixelated realms of Minecraft or expand their collection.

But that’s not all – the anniversary festivities extend far beyond the game itself. For those who immerse themselves in the vibrant Minecraft community, watching just 15 minutes of any Minecraft stream on Twitch during the promotional period could bag you a stylish Purple Heart cape. Showing even a smidgen of generosity by donating a subscription to any streamer will reward you with a unique Glitch Mask, perfect for standing out in the Minecraft universe.

The excitement spills over to TikTok on May 18th, 2024, inviting fans to interact with Minecraft’s debut on the platform. Engaging with their TikTok account garners fans a special TikTok-themed cape for the Bedrock Edition, alongside a custom helmet frame for their TikTok profile. To sweeten the deal, every day at 10am PST, an exclusive Character Creator item will be up for grabs, starting with a Cave Game Hoodie that pays homage to Minecraft’s early iterations.

It’s not just Android users who are bestowed with the anniversary cheer; iOS enthusiasts are also privy to the same enticing discount. And there’s even more good news for PC gamers, as Mojang is offering a generous 50% discount on all Minecraft editions for PC, including the Java and Bedrock Editions, along with Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft has captivated millions of hearts, young and old, since its inception. This anniversary sale is not just a celebration of the game’s journey but also a rare opportunity for fans and newcomers alike. The last instance when the Java Edition saw a discount of this magnitude was during its 10th-anniversary celebrations.

As part of the 15th-anniversary festivities, Mojang promises daily deals and fresh content, ensuring that there’s always something new for the Minecraft community to explore. Fans are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for all the novel additions and take advantage of these offers while they last. Check out the sale on the Google Play Store and dive into the endless possibilities of Minecraft. And remember, there’s more gaming news and updates waiting to be discovered, ensuring your gaming adventures keep rolling.

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