Nintendo snaps up a studio known for its Switch ports

In an interesting move within the gaming industry, Nintendo has announced its acquisition of a Florida-based studio, Shiver Entertainment, from Embracer Group. This decision marks a significant shift as Embracer Group is currently in the process of offloading various assets in an effort to streamline its expansive gaming portfolio.

Established in 2012, Shiver Entertainment has carved out a niche for itself primarily through the development of ports for Nintendo’s Switch console. The studio has contributed to the success of several games on the platform, including notable titles such as a few entries in the “Scribblenauts” series and the recent “Hogwarts Legacy”. Through these projects, Shiver Entertainment has demonstrated a deep understanding of the technical nuances needed to adapt games to suit the unique capabilities of the Switch console.

By acquiring Shiver Entertainment, Nintendo is not just expanding its internal development capabilities but is also securing the expertise of a team that has proven its proficiency in bringing third-party titles to its console. This move signifies Nintendo’s commitment to bolstering its line-up of Switch games, both by enhancing the quality of ports and by potentially increasing the quantity of titles available on the platform.

The acquisition terms detail that Shiver Entertainment will become a fully owned subsidiary of Nintendo, yet it will retain its focus on creating high-quality port adaptations for the Switch. Furthermore, the deal hints at an expanded role for the studio, including the development of software for multiple platforms under the Nintendo umbrella. Shiver Entertainment’s boutique size suggests a streamlined operation that might foster innovation and agility within Nintendo’s broader development strategy.

This strategic acquisition by Nintendo not only exemplifies the company’s intent to sustain and grow the Switch’s game library but also reflects the changing dynamics within the gaming industry. With studios specializing in port development becoming valuable assets for major console manufacturers, such moves could set precedents for future acquisitions and industry partnerships.

As Shiver Entertainment integrates into Nintendo’s global network of studios, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the studio’s future projects and their potential impact on the diversity and quality of the Switch’s gaming catalog. This partnership ultimately aims to enrich the gaming experience for Nintendo users worldwide, fostering a bright future for Switch enthusiasts and the platform itself.

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