Nordeus’ Top Eleven 2024 Makes a Grand Entrance on the Aptoide Platform Globally

In a strategic move aimed at widening its reach, Nordeus has unveiled its collaboration with the Aptoide platform, marking the entrance of its iconic mobile football management game, Top Eleven 2024, into new global territories. This partnership signifies a pivotal moment for both entities as they join forces to deepen their imprint on the world of virtual football management.

With a rich lineage stretching into its 14th year and a robust community of over 300 million registered enthusiasts, Top Eleven’s latest outing seeks to captivate even more fans through Aptoide’s expansive distribution network. This includes a significant push into the US market through GamesHub, a collaborative endeavor with Digital Turbine aimed at simplifying game accessibility via pre-installation on devices across prominent mobile carriers in the United States.

“The launch of Top Eleven 2024 on Aptoide opens new doors for us to connect with football aficionados worldwide,” expressed Natasa Vladisavljevic, a product marketing lead at Nordeus. “Aptoide’s extensive platform offers an exceptional avenue to broaden our audience reach, further elevating the immersive experience our game provides.”

Aptoide’s co-founder and CEO, Paulo Trezentos, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the partnership’s alignment with their goal of enriching the user experience through quality content. “Bringing Top Eleven into our fold exemplifies our dedication to offer only the finest in gaming and app experiences. We’re excited to facilitate this journey for Nordeus, delivering their flagship title to our diverse user base,” he stated.

Top Eleven 2024, a gem in the realm of free-to-play football management games, distinguishes itself with 3D live matches, captivating gameplay, and visually stunning graphics. It grants players the reins to their own football club, where they can strategize signings of superstar athletes, construct their dream stadiums, and engage in global real-time manager bouts. This immersive engagement not only showcases the strategic depth of football but also encourages a community of managers to vie for global dominance.

About Aptoide:

A leader in app distribution and payment processes, Aptoide boasts a staggering 430 million users, with a repository exceeding 1 million apps and witnessing more than 10 billion downloads. Spanning various platforms including Android, TV, and automotive, Aptoide’s seasoned partnership model offers developers an unparalleled understanding of app ecosystems, ensuring a seamless user experience across the board.

About Nordeus:

Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia, Nordeus stands as a beacon in the mobile gaming industry, celebrated for its globally acclaimed football management game, Top Eleven. With a dedicated team of over 220 professionals from across the globe, their vision of crafting competitive gaming realms has resonated with millions, establishing a vast community of champions. June 2021 marked a significant milestone with their incorporation into the Take-Two Software Interactive family, further bolstering their portfolio with notable additions like Golf Rival under the Zynga label.

The debut of Top Eleven 2024 on Aptoide not only reflects a strategic partnership between Nordeus and Aptoide but also embodies the ongoing evolution of mobile gaming experiences, promising new frontiers for gamers and developers alike.

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