Original Dead Rising Voice Actor Wasn’t Asked To Reprise Role For Deluxe Remaster – PlayStation Universe

The gaming community is buzzing with the recent news of the Deluxe Remaster of the iconic 2006 zombie game, Dead Rising. However, amidst the excitement, a surprising piece of information has surfaced regarding the voice of the game’s beloved protagonist, Frank West. Fans of the original game were quick to notice something amiss in the voice acting of Frank West in the debut trailer of the remastered version. It was none other than Terence J Rotolo, the original voice behind the character, who clarified the situation, revealing that he had not been approached to lend his voice to the character in the upcoming Deluxe Remaster.

Dead Rising has remained a fan favorite over the years, with its unique blend of horror, humor, and action-packed gameplay. Frank West, a photojournalist caught in a mall overrun by zombies, became an iconic character, thanks in part to Rotolo’s memorable voice portrayal. The decision not to include Rotolo in the remastered version has raised questions and disappointment among the fan base, who had hoped to see the original cast return for this enhanced edition of the game.

Rotolo’s response to inquiries about his absence has been one of professionalism and grace. While not provided with a specific reason for the decision, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have brought Frank West to life in the original game. “An actor’s job when called upon is to show up prepared, deliver your best, and when done, move onto the next mission. I simply wasn’t called for this mission,” he stated. The reasons, he suggested, are known only to the producers of the Deluxe Remaster.

The Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster is eagerly anticipated, with a release date set for September 19, 2024. It will be available on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S, promising to bring back the zombie-slaying adventure with updated graphics, enhanced gameplay, and new content. While fans are excited to dive back into the infested mall and relive Frank’s story, the change in voice actors will undoubtedly mark a departure from the original experience that many had cherished.

This situation highlights the complexities of video game development and the challenges in balancing nostalgia with modernization. For fans of the series, the absence of Terence J Rotolo as Frank West in the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster will be felt, but the community remains hopeful that the new voice actor will honor the legacy of the character. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds to see how this beloved game has been reimagined for the new generation of consoles.

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