PlayStation India Hero Project Welcomes New Submissions for Second Cohort

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s pioneering initiative, the PlayStation India Hero Project, is back in the limelight as it opens its doors for a second round of submissions. Launching its maiden journey in 2023, this incubator scheme has been a beacon of hope and a vessel of opportunity for game developers across India, offering an array of resources, expert mentorship, and comprehensive support to bring their game visions to life. The project’s first cohort saw the induction of five innovative games: Fishbowl, Mukti, Meteora, Requital Gates of Blood, and Suri: The Seventh Note, each narrating unique tales and delivering immersive gaming experiences.

New Opportunity Knocks with the Second Cohort Submission

The curtains have been raised for the second cohort, inviting ambitious game developers to step into the spotlight. The continuation of the India Hero Project marks a new chapter for local talents striving to etch their names in the global gaming narrative. Detailed information on the submission process has been revealed, covering aspects from timelines to requirements, ensuring that applicants are well-informed and prepared to showcase their gaming projects.

Key Submission Details and Timeline

The journey for the second cohort begins now, with the submission window set to close on July 31, 2024. Applicants are urged to curate their submission packages attentively, including essential elements such as a pitch, budget, and a compelling demo of their game. This comprehensive approach ensures that each submission is evaluated on its merits, presenting a holistic view of the game’s potential.

It’s worth noting that participants from the first cohort are encouraged to bring forward new gaming ideas. However, games that were part of the initial cohort will only be reconsidered if they have undergone significant revisions. Submissions received post the July deadline will be earmarked for evaluation in subsequent cohorts, ensuring every creative endeavor finds its moment for review.

Unveiling the Benefits

Being selected for the PlayStation India Hero Project’s second cohort opens up a treasure trove of opportunities. Participants will gain unparalleled access to mentorship from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) veterans, leverage SIE’s internal services, and stand a chance to secure recoupable development funding provided by SIE. Moreover, securing a spot in this cohort not only elevates the game on a global platform but also brings the possibility of having the game published under the prestigious SIE banner.

This endeavor reaffirms Sony Interactive Entertainment’s commitment to nurturing the burgeoning talent pool within India’s gaming sector, propelling them onto a global stage. With the second cohort, the PlayStation India Hero Project continues to champion the innovative spirit of game developers in India, promising new avenues of creativity, collaboration, and recognition.

As the submission window beckons, game developers across the country are poised to seize this unparalleled opportunity. With aspirations to transcend local boundaries and impact the global gaming landscape, the second cohort of the PlayStation India Hero Project may just be the beginning of a new era in gaming. A world of opportunity awaits, ready to transform visionary game concepts into playable realities that captivate and inspire a global audience.

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