Rabobank and George the Farmer Ignite Agricultural Passion During National Book Week

In an enthusiastic celebration of National Book Week, Rabobank’s Rabo Community Fund and the beloved ‘edu-tainment’ brand George the Farmer have teamed up for the third consecutive year. Their mission is straightforward yet impactful: to bolster agricultural education among children by making learning about food and fibre sources both fun and educational. This collaboration comes at a crucial time, from August 17 to 23, highlighting the vital connection between agriculture and everyday life.

This year, the partnership is poised to reach new heights, providing 70 educational institutions throughout Australia with a treasure trove of knowledge. These lucky recipients will receive a complete set of the 13 Australian-made George the Farmer picture storybooks, enriching their libraries and, by extension, their communities. Rabobank, a leading specialist agribusiness bank, has voiced its commitment to bridging the urban-rural divide by fostering a deep, meaningful understanding and connection to farming among children, whether they hail from the countryside or bustling city streets.

Glenn Wealands, Rabobank’s head of community and client engagement, emphasizes the authenticity and grassroots charm of George the Farmer, which resonates deeply with young readers. Wealands admires the brand’s ambitious vision of a world where children feel a close tie to the land, understanding the origins of their food and the importance of farming. This vision aligns perfectly with the goals of the Rabo Community Fund, which aims to foster strong rural-urban connections.

The positive response to this initiative has been overwhelming, with applications pouring in from all corners of the country. Educational institutions, ranging from primary schools to early learning centres, have shown an eager interest in agricultural education. The increase in the number of George the Farmer book bundles – from 50 last year to 70 this year – highlights the growing enthusiasm among children, educators, and librarians to delve into the intricacies of agriculture.

George the Farmer, initially introduced to the world through an interactive story app in 2015, has evolved into a multifaceted resource for agricultural education. Thanks to the vision of founder Simone Kain, the brand now includes virtual reality experiences, engaging music, educational performances, and informative paddock-to-plate videos. These materials are complemented by free educational resources that align with the STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths), ensuring that children can engage with agricultural education in a dynamic and interactive manner.

With over 600,000 children across Australia benefiting from these resources, George the Farmer has made significant strides in promoting agricultural literacy. A recent survey highlighted the brand’s effectiveness: 100% of users reported that George the Farmer nurtured a love for reading and learning, while 98% noted an enhanced understanding of food and fibre sources.

The team behind George the Farmer, situated in regional South Australia, is dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation. They envision nurturing future leaders and thinkers who are cognizant of the importance of agriculture in daily life and possibly interested in pursuing careers within the sector.

As the world’s leading specialist food and agribusiness bank and a major agricultural lender in Australia, Rabobank plays a pivotal role in the nation’s agribusiness sector. Through the Rabo Community Fund, launched in 2021 in Australia and New Zealand, Rabobank invests in the sustainability and vitality of rural communities, supporting local initiatives that bolster the resilience and vibrancy of these areas.

The partnership between Rabobank and George the Farmer not only champions agricultural literacy but also ignites a passion for agriculture in the hearts of many young Australians. As the National Book Week celebration approaches, this collaboration stands as a shining example of how engaging educational resources can make a lasting impact on the future of agriculture.

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