Revolutionizing Embedded Systems with Septentrio’s High-Precision GNSS on the MIKROE Click Platform

In a groundbreaking collaboration that marries high-precision global navigation with agile prototyping, Septentrio’s mosaic-X5 GNSS receiver module finds a new home on the MIKROE Click board ecosystem. This partnership is set to redefine the standards of accuracy and reliability in embedded systems development, offering a robust solution for a myriad of applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to industrial automation.

The introduction of the Mosaic Click board into the MIKROE ecosystem represents a leap forward in the development of embedded systems. By harnessing the power of Septentrio’s cutting-edge triple-band GNSS technology, the mosaic-X5 receiver embedded in the Click board ensures centimeter-level Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning accuracy. This precision is maintained even in the most demanding environments, indicating a significant advancement for projects where precision is paramount.

Compatibility with the mikroBUS socket standard opens doors to streamlined prototyping and faster project completion. The plug-and-play functionality afforded by this standard eliminates common hurdles in the development process, paving the way for innovations to reach the market more swiftly.

Robustness is at the heart of the mosaic-X5’s design, boasting exceptional Anti-Jamming and Anti-Spoofing capabilities. These features are critical for safeguarding the receiver against both intentional and accidental radio disruptions. Such protection is invaluable in mission-critical applications, from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to robotic operations in industrial settings, where safety and dependability are of the utmost importance.

The comprehensive GNSS support of the mosaic-X5 includes tracking capabilities for all main constellations: GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, and GLONASS. This wide-ranging support, combined with Septentrio’s advanced AIM+ anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology, ensures reliable service in any location. The receptor’s capability to deliver GNSS raw data and precise positioning at a remarkably high update rate of 100Hz, with minimal latency, is a boon for applications requiring dynamic and autonomous maneuvering.

Getting started with high-accuracy positioning is made effortless thanks to the mosaic-X5’s built-in web user interface and an embedded NTRIP client. Moreover, inspired by Septentrio’s open-source mosaicBus project, the Mosaic Click board is supported by a comprehensive mikroSDK library. This library offers myriad functions designed to streamline the software development process, allowing developers to focus on innovation rather than the intricacies of GNSS technology integration.

The adoption of the mikroBUS standard by key industry players, including MIKROE, the standard’s pioneer, is a testament to its impact on the development of embedded systems worldwide. The Mosaic Click board, powered by Septentrio’s mosaic-X5, is poised to become an indispensable tool for developers seeking to incorporate precise GNSS functionality into their projects efficiently and effectively.

As this innovative collaboration unfolds, the fusion of Septentrio’s precision GNSS technology with MIKROE’s agile Click board ecosystem is set to unlock new possibilities in the realm of embedded development, making the future of precise and reliable global navigation more accessible than ever before.

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