BBC Radio 4 – Long Island by Colm Toibin, 5: ‘Do you ever think about me?’

In this gripping continuation of the beloved story set in Brooklyn, we find ourselves twenty years later with Eilis and Tony, who have since built a comfortable and seemingly unshakeable life together in Long Island. The serenity of their existence gets shattered one day, however, when an unexpected visitor arrives, propelling Eilis into a whirlwind of nostalgia and doubt.

The life that once seemed so secure gradually begins to feel like a distant memory. Eilis, caught between her present and her past, finds herself pondering on the essence of life and the roads not taken. A suffocating interaction with her mother pushes her to seek refuge at their Cush residence, a place that promises solace but instead brings her face to face with her inner turmoil.

It’s on the strand of Cush where she encounters a mysterious figure, a moment that anchors her swirling thoughts and brings her face to face with the choices she has made. This encounter on the beach becomes a pivotal point, not just for Eilis, but for the narrative itself, inviting readers to question the idea of home, belonging, and the intricacies of human connections.

In this emotionally charged continuation, we’re invited to explore the depths of Eilis’s heart and mind as she grapples with her sense of identity and belonging. Her journey is not just about geographical distances but the spaces between choices, love, and the possibility of what could have been. As Eilis contemplates the different paths her life could have taken, we’re led to ponder our reflections and the impacts of our decisions.

This chapter asks the haunting question, ‘Do you ever think about me?’, not just from Eilis to the characters from her past but also from the narrative to the readers, encouraging a reflection on past choices and the ripples they create in our lives. As the story unfolds, it compellingly captures the essence of human yearning and the search for meaning amidst the crossroads of life.

In the seamless blend of past and present, this sequel to Brooklyn stands as a poignant exploration of life’s unpredictability and the beauty of its impermanence. It challenges the readers to confront their notions of home and identity, making for a deeply personal and universally resonant journey through Eilis’s introspective quest for clarity and purpose.

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