8 Nostalgic Series That Deserve a Revival in the Spirit of ‘X-Men ’97’

The revival of X-Men ’97 has ignited a wave of nostalgia, compelling me to dive back into the world of classic animated series. It’s delightful to see such a cherished series from my youth receive a modern refresh while maintaining its original charm. This resurgence has led me to daydream about other beloved shows from the past that could potentially receive a similar treatment. Here are eight series that we’d love to see reborn with the same love and attention as X-Men ’97.

1. The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda cartoon, a gem from the era of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, still brings a smile with its quirky humor and the unforgettable “Excussssse me, Princess” catchphrase. Imagine revisiting Hyrule with that 1989 aesthetic, enriched with modern storytelling and perhaps a few nods to the game’s expansive lore, including Ganondorf and the series’ complex timelines. An animated series could offer a unique exploration of Zelda’s universe, distinct from the anticipation surrounding an upcoming live-action adaptation.

2. Gargoyles

Gargoyles offered a darker tone compared to other Disney cartoons, mixing mythology with modern fantasy. Despite a lackluster third season, the initial adventures of Goliath and his clan left fans yearning for more. A sequel series could potentially pick up after the thrilling events of season two, exploring new narratives while reintroducing the intriguing character of Demona.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have enjoyed multiple reincarnations over the years, yet the original series holds a special place in the hearts of fans. A Turtles ’96 revival could capitalize on the nostalgia for the original cartoons while integrating elements from the entire TMNT universe, creating a crossover spectacle that celebrates the franchise’s rich history.

4. VR Troopers

While often viewed as a Power Rangers derivative, VR Troopers offered its unique charm with its early exploration of virtual reality and digital adventures. A modern revival could follow a new team as they navigate the endlessly evolving digital landscape, utilizing vintage VR technologies for a blend of nostalgia and futuristic thrill.

5. Street Sharks

Nothing screams ’90s more than anthropomorphic sharks on rollerblades. Despite its short run, Street Sharks became a cult classic for its outrageous premise and ‘jawsome’ catchphrases. Bringing back the Street Sharks with their original aesthetic intact could introduce their radical adventures to a new generation.

6. Biker Mice from Mars

This series combined motorcycles, extraterrestrial mice, and a dose of crime-fighting into one of the most bizarre yet unforgettable shows of the ’90s. Reviving Biker Mice from Mars with its original style and outlandish plots could capture the imagination of both new viewers and those who remember the original series fondly.

7. The Real Ghostbusters

The Real Ghostbusters offered a captivating continuation of the Ghostbusters saga, long before the franchise re-emerged in recent films. An animated revival could pick up from the final episodes, introducing fresh supernatural challenges for the team to face, while still retaining the humor and charm that made the original series a hit.

8. The Maxx

As part of MTV’s Oddities, The Maxx presented a unique and surreal narrative that stood out dramatically from other animated series. Despite covering only a fraction of the comic’s storyline, the series left a lasting impact. A revival could continue where the original left off, further exploring its deeply complex and imaginative world.

The potential revival of these series could tap into the rich vein of nostalgia while introducing new generations to the imaginative worlds many of us grew up with. Just as X-Men ’97 has rekindled love for its original series, these revivals could breathe new life into the universes we’ve longed to revisit.

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