Remedy Entertainment Takes Full Control of Its Destiny with Rights to the Control Franchise

In a remarkable move marking a new era for one of its most acclaimed properties, Remedy Entertainment has now fully taken the helm of the Control franchise, as well as its associated projects. This development signifies a significant shift in the franchise’s stewardship, with the Finnish developer acquiring all encompassing rights that span publishing, distribution, and marketing responsibilities from the initial publisher, 505 Games.

This strategic acquisition not only places Remedy at the forefront of its beloved franchise’s future but also aligns with the company’s vision of nurturing and expanding the Control universe. Emphasizing the franchise’s critical role within the company, Remedy’s recent communication highlighted the collective excitement and ambition harboring within its walls. “The Control franchise is in the core of Remedy,” the statement read. By securing the full spectrum of rights for the original Control game, the anticipated Condor multiplayer project, and the nascent Control 2, Remedy is poised to steer the franchise into a promising future. The company’s dedication to focusing on the long-term growth of the franchise underscores a commitment to both innovation and the deepening of its narrative universe.

The announcement comes on the heels of the official declaration of Control 2 in the previous year, which had stirred an earnest anticipation among the fanbase. Despite the relative quiet surrounding details of the sequel since its announcement, this recent development hints at an invigorated focus on bringing the next installment to fruition. In the interim, Remedy has not rested on its laurels; the developer has been lauded for its work on Alan Wake 2, a title that has garnered critical acclaim and multiple nominations for 2023’s Game of the Year awards.

This consolidation of rights marks a pivotal chapter in Remedy’s journey, ensuring that the narrative integrity and creative direction of the Control franchise remain under the auspices of its original creators. It’s a move that not only excites fans with the promise of more cohesive and inspired content but also sets a precedent for developer autonomy in the gaming industry. With full control over its destiny, Remedy Entertainment is set to explore new depths in the Control universe, promising an exciting future for both the developer and its dedicated fanbase.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits more news on Control 2 and other projects from Remedy, this latest update serves as a beacon of the developer’s ambition and dedication to its craft. With a clear vision for the future, Remedy Entertainment is gearing up to further cement its legacy as a powerhouse of engaging, story-driven video game experiences.

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