Pentiment Update Reintroduces 120 FPS Mode on Xbox Series X

In a delightful turn of events for gamers across multiple platforms, Pentiment, the widely acclaimed title from developer Obsidian Entertainment, has received a significant update that brings about enhancements and tweaks, enriching the gaming experience. Notably, the patch has reinstated the highly desirable 120 FPS mode exclusively for Xbox Series X users, marking a significant improvement in gameplay fluidity and visual performance.

The latest update, dubbed patch 1.3, was highly anticipated within the gaming community. Beyond the reinstatement of 120 FPS gameplay on the Xbox Series X, the update has also introduced a revamped icon for the game across PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms. Gone is the previously criticized home menu icon, replaced now with the game’s stunning key art which aligns more closely with the game’s unique aesthetic and thematic elements.

With Obsidian Entertainment’s commitment to improving player experience, patch 1.3 extends its enhancements further into the realms of accessibility and seamless user interface. PlayStation gamers will notice updated controller graphics and a rebranded Platinum Trophy, reflecting the game’s dedication to detail and the overall narrative journey. Furthermore, the update addresses and resolves a previously encountered hiccup where the High Contrast accessibility option wasn’t rendering correctly under certain circumstances, ensuring a more inclusive gaming environment.

The game, Pentiment, set against a vividly drawn historical backdrop, is available across a wide array of platforms including Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Embracing both digital and physical realms, a tangible release via Limited Run Games is on the horizon, promising to cater to collectors and enthusiasts longing for a physical memento of their in-game escapades.

This update underlines Obsidian Entertainment’s ongoing efforts to bridge gaming experiences across various platforms while adhering to their community’s feedback and technological advancements. With the 120 FPS mode now available on Xbox Series X, players are poised to immerse themselves in the rich, narrative-driven world of Pentiment with enhanced visual fluidity, making every frame of this historical adventure even more captivating.

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