A Surprising Manor Lords VR Mod Is Even Impressing the Game’s Developer

Among the medieval tapestry of gaming’s vast genres, a new thread has been woven, catching the eye of both players and creators alike. Manor Lords, a game that delves deep into the medieval era with its strategy-based gameplay, has recently ventured into a new realm of immersion with the introduction of a virtual reality (VR) modification. This innovative mod has not only expanded the horizons for the gaming community but also garnered admiration from the game’s very own developer.

The transformation of Manor Lords from a standard PC game into a VR experience comes courtesy of Flat2VR, a dedicated group of modders with a mission to bring traditional “flat” games into the dynamic world of VR. Their announcement revealed that this new VR mod is specifically designed for PC users, offering a novel way to engage with the game through a VR headset. What makes this mod stand out is its compatibility with six-degree-of-freedom VR (6DOF VR), enhancing the level of interaction and realism within the game’s universe, all while retaining the use of traditional mouse and keyboard controls.

The creation of this mod was facilitated by UEVR, a toolkit designed for developing VR mods for games built on the Unreal Engine. This technological advancement played a pivotal role in bringing the ambitious vision of Flat2VR to life, allowing them to bridge the gap between conventional gaming and VR.

The announcement and a demonstration video quickly captured the attention of Manor Lords developer Slavic Magic. The developer expressed genuine surprise and admiration for the modding community’s ability to create a fully functional VR mode for the game. “Wow I have no idea how it’s done but I’m impressed it works,” remarked Slavic Magic, showcasing a blend of astonishment and appreciation for the innovative efforts of the modders.

Released in early access, Manor Lords has swiftly carved out its niche within the PC gaming sphere, achieving remarkable success in a short span. The game’s publisher, Hooded Horse, announced that not only did Manor Lords sell over a million copies within a day of release, but it also reached a peak concurrent player count of 173,178 on Steam. This rapid ascent highlights Manor Lords’ emerging status as a significant indie gaming breakthrough of the year, positioning it alongside other notable successes such as Pocket Pair’s Palworld and Arrowhead’s Helldivers 2.

In a reflection on the game’s early access launch, it was noted, “Manor Lords is a gorgeous medieval city-builder that kept me occupied for hours building my perfect, cozy hamlets, but it definitely feels very early in its Early Access development.” This sentiment captures the game’s current state and potential, outlining a path of ongoing development and enrichment that could further benefit from the immersive possibilities introduced by VR technology.

The integration of VR into Manor Lords showcases a fascinating evolution in gaming, where the boundaries between traditional gameplay and immersive, virtual experiences are increasingly blurred. As developers and modders alike continue to explore these new frontiers, the gaming community can anticipate a future where such innovative modifications become a staple, offering deeper and more engaging ways to experience the virtual worlds we love.

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