Revolutionizing Campus Networks: The 10Gbps CloudCampus Breakthrough

In an event brimming with innovative revelations, the spotlight was on the groundbreaking white paper detailing the construction of a premier 10Gbps campus network. This seminal document, produced in collaboration with the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), was unveiled at the MWC Barcelona 2024’s “Intelligent Cloud Network of Huawei, acceleration of industrial intelligence” summit. This white paper doesn’t just chart a course; it embodies a radical shift towards creating an experience-centric campus network environment, underpinned by Huawei’s state-of-the-art 10Gbps CloudCampus solution. This strategy emphasizes a trio of experience enhancements: in wireless connectivity, application functionality, and operational maintenance, each designed to hasten the digital and intelligent evolution of modern enterprises.

The Dawn of an Experience-Driven Approach

The digital landscape for businesses is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by evolving technology and application demands. This evolution is delineated by three pivotal shifts: the transition to completely wireless endpoints, the imperative for always-secure applications, and the move towards intelligent operations and maintenance strategies. Responding to these shifts requires campus networks to migrate from a traditional connectivity-driven paradigm to one that prioritizes the user experience.

To meet the rising demands of businesses for higher efficiency and enhanced office operability, Huawei has introduced its 10Gbps CloudCampus solution, heralding a new era of experience-centric networking. This innovative solution encompasses three critical advancements:

  • Wireless Experience Enhancement: Pioneering with the introduction of all-scenario Wi-Fi 7 technology, Huawei sets a new industry benchmark. The Wi-Fi 7’s capabilities enable tremendous throughput speeds for single terminals, reaching 4.33 Gbps and effectively doubling the performance of its predecessor, Wi-Fi 6E. Its unique converged planning technology facilitates seamless integration across multiple domains, ensuring ultra-high concurrency efficiency and seamless support for demanding applications like 4K VR classes.
  • Application Experience Boost: Huawei’s proprietary Application Experience Assurance solution takes network performance to new heights, with the ability to precisely identify over 6,000 applications and allocate network resources to ensure those critical to business operations receive priority. The VIP Experience Assurance further ensures that top-tier users receive uninterrupted, high-quality network access.
  • O&M Experience Reinvention: Introducing the industry’s pioneering digital campus map, Huawei offers a comprehensive, four-dimensional overview of networks, users, devices, and applications. This tool not only visualizes end-to-end experiences but also swiftly pinpoints the root causes of issues, enhancing operational efficiency by a factor of ten. Coupled with its predictive traffic tide technology, the system proposes optimal energy-saving periods, reducing energy consumption by up to 30%.

In his keynote, Shawn Zhao, president of Campus Network Domain, Huawei’s data communications product line, remarked on the transformative ability of the 10Gbps CloudCampus to elevate the networking experience across wireless, application, and operational domains, propelling campus networks from a connectivity-led to an experience-led era.

The Future of Campus Networks

This white paper not only identifies current trends and challenges faced by campus networks but also sets forth a visionary path for their evolution, empowering businesses to accelerate their journey towards digitalization and intelligent operations. As new technologies emerge and application scenarios evolve, high-quality 10Gbps campus networks will become integral to enterprise infrastructure, fostering the intelligent growth of various industries. Such dynamic and scalable networks promise to infuse fresh momentum into the digital and intelligent transformation efforts of businesses, heralding a new chapter in enterprise networking.

In today’s fast-evolving technological landscape, being at the forefront of innovation is crucial. Huawei’s latest white paper on building a high-quality 10Gbps campus network, supported by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), is more than just a publication; it’s a blueprint for future-proofing campus networks, ensuring they are capable of supporting the digital and intelligent aspirations of modern enterprises.

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