Atlanta’s Own Sarah and the Safe World Seize the Summer with Dazzling Tour

As the vibrant sun marks the arrival of summer, the unmistakable energy of Atlanta’s cabaret punk sensation, Sarah and the Safe Word, prepares to sweep the nation. This June and July, the group is embarking on a spectacular tour, merging the worlds of pop-punk vigor and cabaret’s rich storytelling and musical elegance. Their unique sound has been acclaimed for intertwining the flamboyant charm of cabaret with the unabashed energy of punk, creating a niche that has captivated audiences and critics alike.

In a thrilling summer escapade, Sarah and the Safe Word, alongside the electrifying talents of The Weekend Run Club and Machinery of the Human Heart, will take to the road starting June 26 in Washington, DC, and concluding their musical journey on July 7 in Denver, CO. Audiences across the cities are in for a treat, with performances that promise not only to entertain but to immerse in an atmosphere where music narratives come alive with each chord.

The ensemble, known for their spirited and theatrical live performances, has drawn comparisons to the likes of The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Gogol Bordello, and even My Chemical Romance. Their latest musical offerings include the single “Pornstar Martini,” a track that exemplifies their knack for mixing provocative storytelling with catchy, dance-inducing melodies. This track, along with their recent LP, ‘The Book Of Broken Glass,’ showcases the band’s evolution and ambition in exploring new territories of sound and expression.

The band’s lineup, featuring the charismatic Sarah Rose on vocals, Kienan Dietrich wielding the guitar, Beth Ballinger on the keys, and Maddox Reksten on the bass, brings together an eclectic mix of talents, each adding a layer of depth to their cabaret-punk identity. Since their inception in 2015, Sarah and the Safe Word has forged an impressive path, earning acclaim, joining notable tours, and even capturing the attention of media with their cameo on popular television.

Sarah and the Safe Word’s musicality does not merely exist; it thrives in duality, seamlessly bridging the gap between a bygone era of secluded speakeasies, brimming with tales of adventure and mischief, and the raw, collective energy of basement punk shows. It is in this intersection of seemingly disparate worlds that the band finds its strength, championing themes of freedom, acceptance, and the boundlessness of human expression.

Their tour promises to be an unforgettable experience, a celebration of music that defies the conventional and embraces the extraordinary. Fans old and new are encouraged to join Sarah and the Safe Word on this summer journey, to revel in the stories, the music, and the unyielding spirit of punk infused with the soul of cabaret. This is not just a series of concerts but an invitation to be part of a moment in music where every note played is a testament to the power of creativity and community.

For those looking to be part of this audacious adventure, mark your calendars for a tour that promises warmth, wonder, and a whiff of punk rock rebellion in the air.

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