Hampshire Event Aims to Enable Farmers to Reduce Carbon Emissions

In an effort to drive sustainability within the agricultural sector, an upcoming event in the picturesque locale of Shirrel Heath, Hampshire is setting the stage for a paradigm shift. Aimed at farmers throughout the southern regions, this initiative seeks to bridge the gap between environmental responsibility and financial viability through the adoption of low-carbon farming practices.

Hosted by the established agrifood entity Bartholomews in partnership with renowned organizations like Marks and Spencer, BASF, and Fertiberia, the event promises to be a cornerstone for promoting eco-friendly agricultural techniques. The collaborative effort underscores a mutual commitment to nurturing a more sustainable future for farming, focusing particularly on the cultivation of cereals that bear the twin benefits of reduced carbon footprints and heightened market value.

Highlighting the event will be expert presentations aimed at unveiling the intricacies of achieving net-zero emissions in cereal production. Vivienne Harris, representing the agricultural commitments of Marks and Spencer, will detail the retailer’s ambitious goals for net-zero cereal contracts. This initiative is part of a broader commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable supply chain management.

Moreover, the conference will spotlight cutting-edge advancements in agricultural technology and practices. Richard Corden from BASF is set to discuss the pivotal role of precision agriculture and effective carbon management in modern farming. Following suit, Julio Bonet Gigante of Fertiberia will elucidate on the impact of green fertilization techniques that promise to minimize emissions without compromising on crop performance.

Gary Herman, CEO of Bartholomews, emphasized the event’s objective in providing a transformative platform for farmers. With over 140 years of expertise in various agricultural domains, Bartholomews is steering efforts to equip farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary to adapt to an ever-evolving sector. The emphasis is on demystifying terms like sustainability, biodiversity net gain, and regenerative farming, which have become prevalent in discussions around agricultural innovation.

Herman noted, “The agricultural sector is undergoing a significant transformation characterized by a strong lean towards environmental sustainability. This evolution, however, comes with its share of challenges, primarily due to the ambiguity it creates around practical applications. Our goal with this conference is to clarify this maze, offering farmers concrete strategies to enhance their operations’ sustainability without sacrificing profitability.”

The day-long conference promises to be a melting pot of insights, innovative practices, and networking opportunities for farmers intent on reducing their carbon footprint while also aligning with premium supply chains. Scheduled to take place at the New Place Hotel in Shirrell Heath, Wickham, the event marks a significant step towards fostering a more sustainable agricultural landscape.

Participants are invited to register online and join the congregation of like-minded individuals, experts, and industry leaders as they navigate the path to eco-conscious farming. With sessions running from the morning through to the afternoon, attendees are guaranteed a comprehensive dive into the future of sustainable agriculture.

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