Team Fortress 2 Community Launches Massive Review Campaign to Urge Valve for Action on Bots

In an unprecedented show of collective displeasure, fans of the iconic multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2 (TF2), have taken to the digital streets of Steam’s review section. This surge of activity has significantly impacted the game’s “recent reviews” status, plummeting it to a “mostly negative” ranking. Despite its age—Team Fortress 2 has been engaging gamers for nearly two decades—its popularity has scarcely waned. A testament to its enduring appeal is its consistent ranking among the top-played titles on Steam, buoyed further by a recent update.

Nevertheless, a persistent issue has overshadowed the game’s vibrant community and competitive gameplay for the past five years: an overwhelming infestation of bots. These automated nuisances have degraded the gaming experience to such an extent that the player base felt compelled to take drastic measures. Starting on May 23, a wave of nearly 24,000 players bombarded the game with negative reviews. This collective action aims to draw attention from Valve, the game’s developer, in hopes of provoking a meaningful response to this longstanding problem.

Amid the flood of reviews, a common sentiment echoes: a deep affection for TF2, marred by frustration over the unchecked cheater bot problem. “It’s time Valve does something about the bots,” insists one player, reflecting a widely shared desire for intervention against the tide of doxing, DDoS attacks, and even swatting perpetrated by malicious actors within the community.

The stakes are high, with some players reporting extreme retaliatory measures by cheaters, including doxxing and false bomb threats. These allegations, while difficult to verify, underscore the urgency felt by the community for Valve to act.

Despite these challenges, the love for Team Fortress 2 remains strong. “The game itself is wonderful. Hands down one of the best games ever made in the history of gaming,” says a dedicated player, lamenting that the joy of playing has been significantly hampered by the rampant aimbot issue and the presence of idle bots hogging server space to farm items.

This discontent isn’t merely a wave of momentary frustration but a profound demonstration of the community’s commitment to preserving the integrity of a game that has become a cornerstone of digital gaming culture. Some players are joining the review bomb campaign not out of animosity, but from a place of love and hope for resolution. “Please fix Team Fortress 2 and try to do something instead of tweeting about the problem and going back to doing nothing,” pleads another player, who has devoted thousands of hours to the game.

In response to Valve’s continued silence on the matter, the community’s efforts have escalated beyond negative reviews. A dedicated website, featuring a petition for action against TF2 cheaters, has garnered over 211,000 signatures. This, combined with the hope that increased media attention will catalyze the Team Fortress development team into action, represents a significant mobilization of the game’s passionate fanbase.

As the #SaveTF2 movement gains momentum, it serves as a powerful reminder of the gaming community’s ability to unite for the games they love, advocating for a playing field that respects and protects its players.

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