PlayStation State of Play 2024: A Treasure Trove of Upcoming Games for PS5 and PSVR2

The latest Sony State of Play has just wrapped up, and the excitement it’s stirred in the PlayStation community is palpable. The digital showcase was packed with announcements that have us all looking forward to a future filled with engaging titles across the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) platforms. Offering a peek at both imminent releases and projects further down the line, the event catered to a wide variety of tastes and gaming preferences. Here’s a grounded breakdown of the games that are set to redefine PlayStation gaming in the upcoming months and years.

Must-Play Titles Landing Soon

In an exhilarating announcement for team play enthusiasts, Concord is gearing up to revolutionize the 5v5 hero shooter scene this August. With an array of distinctive characters, varied arsenals, and strategic maps, this title promises to elevate team-based gameplay. For those eager to dive in early, a closed beta in July will offer a taste of the action ahead of release.

PC players, rejoice! The saga of Kratos ventures beyond console as God of War Ragnarok prepares for its PC debut this September. Beyond the base game, players will receive the full narrative arc, including the Valhalla DLC, all enhanced by the graphical might of modern PCs.

Fans of spine-tingling suspense can look forward to the PS5 and PC remake of Until Dawn, set for a fall release. This horror reimagining promises to sharpen the fear with upgraded graphics and gameplay, potentially raising the bar for interactive horror experiences.

September also marks the return of Astro in Team Asobi’s latest title, exclusively for PS31848 P2.5. This adventure will launch Astro into a quest across six vibrant galaxies, showcasing over 50 innovative levels designed to harness the DualSense controller’s capabilities.

Blockbusters on the Horizon

Horror aficionados have October circled on their calendars, as the Silent Hill 2 remake makes its ominous approach to both PS5 and PC. Aiming to retain the soul of the original while drastically improving visuals and gameplay, this title is set to haunt a whole new generation of players.

Looking further ahead, Dynasty Warriors Origins will bring its signature hack-and-slash action to PS5 in 2025, presenting massive battlefields and introducing engaging horseback combat, all in stunning detail.

The free-to-play action RPG Ballad of Antara invites players into a dark, fantastic world filled with mystery and combat. Although specifics remain under wraps, its promise of a deep narrative and diverse environments is intriguing.

Lastly, Capcom teased the next chapter of their beloved series with Monster Hunter Wilds. The showcased gameplay trailer hinted at new environments and creatures, leaving fans hungry for more details and a confirmed release date.

Mark Your Calendars

Noteworthy dates to remember include Concord launching on August 23, 2024, and God of War Ragnarok hitting PCs on September 19, 2024. Astro Bot fans can look forward to September 6, 2024, while the Silent Hill 2 Remake terrifies players from October 8, 2024.

PSVR2’s Bright Future

VR enthusiasts aren’t left wanting, with titles like Behemoth and Alien: Rogue Incursion set to captivate PSVR2 owners in October and the 2024 holiday season, respectively. Additionally, Marvel Rivals fans can join a closed beta testing phase in July 2024, hinting at a rich, immersive experience for VR gaming.

The latest State of Play has undeniably set a high bar for the future of PlayStation gaming, offering something for every type of gamer and cementing the PS5 and PSVR2 as central hubs for gaming innovation in the coming years. With these titles and more on the horizon, PlayStation gamers have a lot to be excited about.

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