Exploring the Depths of Magic in SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – Demon Scourge DLC

In the realm of strategy games, the expansion of one’s domain usually marks the progression of power and influence. My virtual journey through the mystical lands of Fiara in SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – Demon Scourge DLC echoed this sentiment profoundly. As I ventured well beyond the borders of my initial stronghold, I discovered golden treasures and new sources of mana, laying the foundation for a more affluent and magical domain.

The art of demonology opened up pathways I’d never before imagined. With the wise guidance of a freshly initiated Demonologist, I ventured deep into the arcane. Merging mystical ingredients secured from the fallen adversaries with the dark arts cultivated within my cults, the creation of new demons began. The aim was not just to expand the ranks of my otherworldly army but to explore the myriad possibilities that demonology offered.

Strategic expansion was, however, not without its challenges. With rival wizards moving their forces menacingly close, and two cities ripe for influence by my cults, the strategic landscape of Fiara demanded both foresight and courage. Commanding my apprentice to confront these threats head-on, while harnessing the burgeoning power of demons, formed the crux of my strategy.

Developed by Owned by Gravity and brought to the gaming world by THQ Nordic, the Demon Scourge DLC introduces players to a world on the brink. The veil that once shielded Fiara from demonic invasions thins, heralding the arrival of the Demonologist—a new force wielding the power to summon and command demons.

Adding to the richness of Fiara, the Trolls enter as a new faction, accessible through quest completion. These new units enrich the strategic gameplay, alongside the possibility to entrench cults within cities. With additional demon recipes discovered as the campaign advances, the strength and versatility of one’s army grow tremendously.

For those who choose the path of the Demonologist, over 25 new rooms can be added to their mage towers, enhancing both their and their army’s capabilities. The introduction of Occultism as a new school of magic, with 16 spells, demands players to recalibrate their tactical and strategic approaches to fully harness its powers. Over 120 new adventures await, promising a renewed conquest campaign experience.

At its heart, SpellForce: Conquest of Eo is a game of turns—requiring exploratory missions, strategic battles, and the astute management of resources such as mana and gold. The expansion doesn’t alter the game’s core turn-based mechanics or its visually engaging, almost painterly aesthetic. Instead, it enriches the existing framework with new units, spells, and a compelling narrative depth.

The auditory experience of the game stands out, with a soundtrack that complements its fantasy setting, enhancing the overall immersion into Fiara’s magical world. The dynamic interface keeps players engaged, emphasizing the continual summoning and strategic deployment of demons.


SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – Demon Scourge emerges as a compelling DLC for fans of the strategic title, meriting a resounding yay. It’s a gateway to extensive new adventures for veterans of the series, while newcomers are advised to familiarize themselves with the core game’s mechanics and lore beforehand. While the expansion builds on an already solid foundation, it hints at the potential for even more ambitious future additions to the SpellForce universe.

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