Award-Winning AI-Artist Sougwen Chung Debuts at K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong

In a landmark event for the art and tech community, the visionary Chinese-Canadian artist Sougwen Chung is poised to unveil her latest exhibition, “Us in Another Form,” at the iconic Adrian Cheng’s K11 MUSEA in Hong Kong. This exhibition, part of the annual Art Karnival, reflects a groundbreaking exploration of the relationship between humans and machines in the creative process. Featuring from March 26 to May 19, 2024, at the 6F, K11 Art & Culture Centre, this showcase is an invitation to witness the harmonious blend of art and technology.

Sougwen Chung is renowned for her innovative approach to art, leveraging her expertise as a TIME100’s top 100 AI innovator, a distinguished MIT Media Lab fellow, and a Google Artist in Residence. With her pioneering work, Chung has crafted an art form that transcends the traditional boundaries, utilizing robots—collectively known as D.O.U.G. (Drawing Operations Unit Generation)—to enhance and expand the creative process. Chung’s robots are not mere tools but collaborators, contributing to a body of work that challenges our perceptions of art and technology.

The upcoming “Us In Another Form” exhibition at K11 MUSEA offers a mesmerizing glimpse into Chung’s ambition of crafting an interconnected world, where human creativity and machine intelligence merge to form new modes of artistic expression. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as biosensors, computer vision, virtual reality, and spatial technology, Chung’s work invites viewers to envision a future where the collaboration between human and machine fosters a hybrid creative space, moving beyond the confines of binary definitions.

K11 MUSEA, a flagship for cultural retail conceived by entrepreneur Adrian Cheng in 2019, stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation on the Victoria Dockside harbourfront of Tsim Sha Tsui. This extraordinary venue has quickly established itself as a destination for those seeking immersive experiences in art, culture, and commerce, echoing the evolving desires of today’s consumers for engaging and dynamic encounters.

In a recent statement, Chung expounded on the pivotal role of traditional creativity amidst rapid technological advances. She emphasized the significance of developing personalized tools and AI systems in art, suggesting that such technologies enable humanity to grapple with the existential dilemmas they present, balancing fear and hope.

HOFA Gallery, a prime institution for contemporary art founded in London in 2012 by Elio D’Anna and Simonida Pavicevic, expresses enthusiasm for hosting “Us In Another Form.” This exhibition, aligning with Hong Kong’s Art Week and the K11 Art Karnival, heralds a new era in the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines, spotlighting the expansive potential of technology in reshaping artistic expression and innovation.

Alongside her K11 MUSEA showcase, Sougwen Chung is set to introduce “GENESIS,” a new project to be launched at Hong Kong’s Soho House. “GENESIS” delves into the evolution of the drawn line and robotic forms, drawing inspiration from living organisms. Through a unique VR sculpting process, Chung creates speculative machine structures, generating a novel spatial dataset poised to underpin future AI systems dedicated to advancing human-machine collaboration.

This groundbreaking exhibition not only promises to enchant and provoke thought among its audiences but also marks an important moment in the ongoing dialogue between the realms of art and technology. Sougwen Chung’s “Us in Another Form” serves as a beacon, guiding us towards a future where the integration of technological innovation with human creativity opens new frontiers of artistic possibility.

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