A Cursed Knight Seeks Vengeance Today!

In an exciting collaboration that bridges the talents of PID Games, PixelHeart, and the indie powerhouse Squidbit Works, a new chapter is being written in the book of retro-inspired videogames. A thrilling adventure awaits in “Lords of Exile,” a title that revives the essence of 8-bit side-scrolling platformers, now launched across a variety of platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

Retro gaming fans are in for a treat that feels like a burst of nostalgia paired with modern gameplay elements. The music of “Lords of Exile” stands out as a crown jewel, thanks to contributions from legendary composers Yuzo Koshiro and Dominic Ninmark, together with the prodigious Pentadrangle. Their tracks ensure that every moment in this game is not only a visual but also an auditory spectacle.

Carlos Azuaga, the visionary solo developer behind the game, shares his excitement and gratitude. “Launching this game marks a fulfilling moment, reflecting the essence of passion and hard work. This journey, powered by the incredible support from the community, has been a dream turned reality for me. Crafting my vision into a game was challenging but immensely rewarding,” he remarks.

Dive Into the Shadows of Exilia

The stages of “Lords of Exile” transport players to the mystical Lands of Exilia, a realm engulfed in warfare and darkness. As a cursed knight seeking vengeance, it’s up to you to pierce through the shrouding darkness and bring hope back to the ravaged lands.

Players will navigate through eight meticulously designed levels, each presenting its own set of challenges and formidable bosses. Victory bestows players with new skills, further empowering the knight on his vengeful journey.

The game boasts a variety of gameplay mechanics, from precision melee combat to strategic weapon throws. Embrace the curse that gifts Gabriel and Lyria, two characters with distinct playstyles, enhancing your battle prowess. Triumph in the main storyline to unlock Speedrunner and Boss Rush modes, amplifying the game’s replayability with varied experiences.

With its heart rooted in the golden era of gaming, “Lords of Exile” features lovingly crafted 8-bit pixel art, fluid anime-style animations, and a soundtrack that harmoniously blends classical chiptunes with the iconic sounds of the Megadrive sound chip. This game is not just a nod to the past but a brand-new legend waiting to be explored.

A Creation of Passion

Squidbit Works emerges as a beacon of innovation in the indie game scene, with “Lords of Exile” marking its ambitious entry. Founded by the dedicated Spanish developer Carlos Azuaga, the studio promises to deliver captivating arcade and action experiences with a distinct retro flair.

In collaboration with PID Games and PixelHeart, “Lords of Exile” is a testament to the power of passion and creativity in the gaming industry. From meticulous development to strategic partnerships, every element of this game has been crafted with dedication and an eye for quality.

Are you ready to step into the boots of a cursed knight and carve your path through the Lands of Exilia? “Lords of Exile” awaits its heroes. Embrace the challenge, revel in the nostalgia, and join a new chapter of gaming history today.

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