WorldShards Shares First Sale Triumph

In an exciting turn of events for the gaming community, the imaginative realm of Murrlandia has opened its doors to early players with a bang. The much-anticipated life simulation and sandbox MMORPG, WorldShards, has successfully concluded its first developer sale of in-game merchandise with notable enthusiasm from the player base.

The sale, organized by Lowkick Studio in collaboration with the Open Loot platform on February 15, offered a limited collection of 3,000 items crucial for early access and immersive gameplay. These items ranged from keys for game access to exclusive Founder’s islands available in three distinct tiers. These islands aren’t just a digital asset, but a cornerstone of the WorldShards experience, granting players a unique locale within the expansive early access (EA) phase of the game.

Remarkably, the entire stock was claimed within a mere 120 seconds of the sale going live. This rapid sell-out reflects a massive interest in WorldShards, with over a thousand players participating. Lowkick Studio, the brainchild behind this captivating universe, expressed profound gratitude to the community for its overwhelming response and support.

In light of the positive outcome, Lowkick Studio has committed to increasing the number of EA phase keys available in the following weeks, ensuring that more enthusiasts can embark on their adventures in Murrlandia starting as soon as February 26.

Exploring the World of WorldShards

Set in the enchanting world of Murrlandia, WorldShards offers a blend of life simulation and sandbox MMORPG that promises a rich tapestry of gameplay experiences. Players are invited to create, craft, trade, and embark on adventures in a vast, interactive world ripe with possibility.

The allure of WorldShards lies in its dynamic sandbox environment, where players have the liberty to construct their dream islands. From building cozy homes to setting up productive farms and factories, the game offers an imaginative playground for the ambitious and the creative. Furthermore, with an economy driven by player interaction, every craft, trade, and discovery plays a crucial role in shaping the economic landscape of Murrlandia.

Deeply rooted in fantasy lore, Murrlandia is a world filled with secrets, adventures, and mysterious Meowkles – adorable feline companions that accompany players on their journey. This feature adds an extra layer of charm and engagement, making exploration and island life even more enjoyable.

The team behind WorldShards comprises industry veterans with a proven track record in delivering successful gaming experiences. With a player-first approach, their goal is to craft a game that resonates with millions, fueled by passion and a commitment to excellence.

As the game prepares for more players to step into its vast, magical world, the initial sale’s success is a promising precursor to WorldShards’ potential impact on the MMORPG landscape. Keep an eye out for further updates as the world of Murrlandia continues to unfold, offering limitless opportunities for adventure, creation, and community.

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