Gala Announces Strategic Expansion with New Game Studio in Santiago, Chile – Headlines of Today

In a momentous stride toward advancing the fusion of blockchain technology and entertainment, Gala has unveiled plans to launch a groundbreaking game development studio situated in the vibrant heart of Santiago, Chile. This strategic move is designed to bolster Gala’s robust portfolio of gaming projects, with a keen focus on live service games, while also streamlining the production process to bring innovative digital experiences to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Gala’s commitment to innovation and the cultivation of rich, dynamic gaming experiences introduces Pablo Mera as the commander at the helm of the Santiago studio operations. Mera, a seasoned veteran in the game development arena, shared his enthusiasm, “The foundation of our Santiago-based studio is a reflection of Gala Games’ unwavering dedication to pushing the limits of both gaming and entertainment. We’re especially excited about leveraging the city’s vibrant culture of innovation and tapping into its pool of exceptionally skilled developers. Our goal? To extend the reach of our gaming ecosystem significantly.”

From a technical perspective, Dennis Hahn, Gala’s Lead Technical Officer, emphasized the strategic advantage of situating the new studio within Santiago’s innovative climate. “Our ambition is to harness the distinct capabilities of Santiago’s gaming community and infuse our projects with fresh, creative perspectives. By cultivating an atmosphere of cooperation and creativity, we’re set on fast-tracking the production of engaging, quality games that connect with our global audience,” explained Hahn.

The decision to establish the Santiago studio reflects Gala’s broader vision to foster talent and make substantial contributions to the international gaming landscape. The studio is not only poised to become a bastion of creativity and inventiveness but is also committed to generating numerous employment opportunities in the local region. Prospective hires can anticipate participating in globally influenced projects, positioning themselves at the forefront of gaming innovation and progress.

Scheduled to commence operations in March 2024, the Santiago studio is expected to significantly impact the local job market by generating several hundred positions. This development is a testament to Gala Games’ dedication to expanding its international presence and enhancing the appeal of its first-party gaming portfolio. The move to Santiago aligns with Gala’s efforts to establish a more tangible operational presence, highlighted by the recent establishment of its global headquarters in San Francisco, marking a transition from a fully remote to a hybrid operational framework.

Gala Games extends an invitation to the gaming community, developers, and Web3 enthusiasts alike to stay engaged for further updates as the Santiago studio begins its mission to craft the next wave of groundbreaking gaming experiences, underpinned by the revolutionary GalaChain technology.

About Gala: A pioneer in the integration of web3 technology across diverse global industries, Gala leads the charge with GalaChain, championing core entertainment sectors including gaming, film, and music. Gala Games is on a mission to redefine the video game industry landscape through decentralization, player empowerment, and continuous innovation, promising a future where game ownership and immersive experiences go hand in hand.

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