Softing Industrial Elevates Industrial Data Integration with MQTT Support in Secure Integration Server V1.30

As industries increasingly merge with advanced technology to enhance operations, Softing Industrial’s latest update to their Secure Integration Server (SIS) V1.30 introduces vital enhancements in security and connectivity. The update is a significant leap towards integrating the industrial sector with state-of-the-art technological standards, incorporating the MQTT protocol to elevate its robust data integration features for IT/OT cloud applications.

The adoption of MQTT protocol versions 3 and 5 by the SIS marks the beginning of a new chapter in operational efficiency and reliability for IT/OT cloud applications. MQTT, an acronym for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, is celebrated for its minimalistic design and its capability to enable effective message exchange even in networks with bandwidth constraints. With the capacity to facilitate up to 25 MQTT connections, the latest SIS version brings forth advanced features that include bidirectional data flow, enhanced security through comprehensive authentication settings, a store&forward mechanism to mitigate data loss, and various data publication modes.

“This upgrade with MQTT encapsulates a critical evolution for the Secure Integration Server,” said Andreas Röck, a respected figure in product management at Softing Industrial. “It substantially boosts the server’s capabilities in terms of security and connectivity, providing a solution that ensures not only efficiency but also the reliability and safety of industrial data integration.”

At its core, SIS’s functionality revolves around the integration of various OPC UA servers and their address spaces into a unified mapping for IoT cloud applications via an OPC UA interface. This integration empowers the seamless amalgamation and transmission of data from diverse sources to IT/OT cloud applications, creating an ecosystem where data is not merely gathered but effectively leveraged to inform decision-making processes and enhance operational efficiency. The introduction of MQTT protocol support further amplifies this ecosystem, presenting a dependable and secure channel for data communication, an essential factor in the increasingly digital arena of industrial operations.

The inclusion of MQTT functionality within the SIS is indicative of Softing Industrial’s dedication to pioneering innovations and their insight into the advancing needs of industrial data integration. As the industry forges ahead through the digital era’s challenges and opportunities, the importance of technologies that bridge the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) becomes paramount. Boasting improved security, connectivity, and reliability, the SIS positions itself as a leader in this ongoing transformation. This evolution empowers industries to unlock the full potential of their data, steering towards an efficient, reliable, and secure future.

In essence, the recent iteration of the Secure Integration Server by Softing Industrial signifies a monumental stride in the domain of industrial data integration. By incorporating MQTT protocol support, the SIS not only advances its functionality but also establishes a new standard for security and connectivity in IT/OT cloud applications. This progression underscores the shifting dynamics of industrial operations and highlights the crucial role of cutting-edge technology in fostering efficiency, reliability, and security in this sector.

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