Revolutionizing Agriculture in Latin America with Wyld Connect and Elio Tecnologia

In an exciting development for the agriculture sector in Latin America, the collaboration between Wyld Networks and Elio Tecnologia is set to bring about a significant transformation. This partnership aims to deploy the innovative Wyld Connect technology across the region, enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability through advanced data collection and analysis.

The initiative promises to integrate Wyld Networks’ satellite connectivity, which offers vital soil and weather information, with the sophisticated drone-derived imagery from Elio Tecnologia. This combination is anticipated to refine agronomy models, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in the agricultural landscape.

Elio Tecnologia, with its ambitious vision for the future, plans to install over 5,000 terminals across Brazilian agricultural fields within the next three years. This ambitious endeavor represents a potential investment of approximately 25 million SEK and underscores the commitment to leveraging technology for agricultural excellence.

Brazil’s agricultural sector has seen an impressive surge in productivity and value over the past decade. From a production value of 230 billion Brazilian reals in 2013, it skyrocketed to 830 billion reals in 2022. This remarkable growth is attributed to enhanced land management practices, innovative technological advancements, and the strategic implementation of data-driven technologies.

At the heart of this technological revolution is Elio Tecnologia. The company has set itself apart with its proprietary approach to gathering geo-referenced images through aeronautical technology. Its sophisticated solutions marry optical sensors, robotics, aerospace technology, and artificial intelligence to capture real-time, actionable data from the field. This data collection is crucial for the continuous optimization of Elio Tecnologia’s algorithms and ensures the delivery of reliable, high-quality services to its clients.

Alastair Williamson, CEO of Wyld Networks, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the synergy between field sensors and drone imagery. This partnership is expected to significantly enhance the quality and reliability of data available to farmers and agronomists, especially in remote locations where traditional data collection methods may fall short.

Wyld Networks, with its roots in Cambridge, UK, since 2016, has been at the forefront of developing wireless technology solutions that facilitate global connectivity. Specializing in affordable connectivity solutions, particularly for the Internet of Things (IoT), Wyld Networks is dedicated to bridging the connectivity gap that affects businesses and individuals worldwide. As a subsidiary of Wyld Networks AB, the company continues to innovate and drive progress in wireless connectivity.

The collaboration between Wyld Networks and Elio Tecnologia marks a significant milestone in the utilization of cutting-edge technology for enhancing agricultural practices in Latin America. Through this partnership, both companies strive to achieve remarkable improvements in productivity and sustainability, ensuring a prosperous future for the region’s agriculture sector.

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