‘AI Steve’: A Leap into the Future of Politics with AI-Avatar in UK Elections

In a groundbreaking move that could potentially change the face of political representation, a UK town is poised to possibly elect the world’s first AI lawmaker. In the upcoming July 4 national election, Brighton Pavilion will see a unique candidate on its ballot papers — an AI-generated avatar representing businessman Steve Endacott.

Endacott, running as an independent candidate, has introduced an innovative approach to his campaign by using an AI avatar instead of his own image on campaign materials. This digital doppelganger, dubbed “AI Steve,” is powered by Endacott’s company, Neural Voice, and aims to address voters’ concerns directly with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

“We’re launching a party, we’re going to be recruiting more AI candidates across the country after this election, and we see this as the launch, building block for something big and something democratic,” Endacott shared in an interview with Reuters. His ambition signals a futuristic vision of politics, where AI could play a significant role in forming policy and engaging with constituents.

AI Steve is designed to engage in real-time discussions with locals on a wide array of subjects, ranging from LGBTQ rights and housing to bin collection and immigration. Through these interactions, the AI not only proposes policy ideas but also solicits suggestions and opinions from the community, demonstrating a novel form of participatory democracy.

The initiative has sparked varied reactions among Brighton’s populace. Eona Johnston, a 23-year-old charity worker, encountered AI Steve during one of its sessions near Brighton’s famous pier. She remarked, “We’re using AI in so many (areas), at work, social interactions, why don’t we put it in politics? It might change the way we live.” This sentiment reflects a broader curiosity and openness towards integrating advanced technology into the political sphere.

However, the innovative approach has not been met with universal acclaim. The Electoral Commission, Britain’s elections watchdog, has clarified that should AI Steve secure a victory, it will be Endacott, the human behind the avatar, who will serve as a Member of Parliament, not the AI itself. This distinction underscores the legal and ethical complexities of having AI entities in representative roles.

Additionally, skepticism remains among some local residents about the practicality and desirability of AI in politics. Jim Cheek, a 37-year-old accountant, emphasized the importance of having a human representative in parliament who can truly embody the constituents’ needs and concerns. Moreover, the recurring theme of trust—or the lack thereof—in both AI and traditional politicians pervades the discussions around AI Steve’s candidacy.

Despite mixed reactions, ‘AI Steve’s entry into the political arena ignites a fascinating debate on the role of technology in governance and democracy. As the world watches this unique electoral experiment unfold in Brighton Pavilion, questions abound about the future intersections of AI and politics. Could AI-enhanced candidates lead to more informed, responsive governance, or do they represent a step too far in the digital transformation of society? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: the 2021 elections in the UK will be remembered as a moment when the future of politics took a bold step towards uncharted territory.

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