Oracle Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Enhancements at Oracle Cloud World Mumbai

In an exciting development at Oracle Cloud World Mumbai 2024, Oracle has presented a range of innovative features designed to elevate logistics operations and harness the power of AI for its customers. These updates come as a testament to Oracle’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and integrating smart technologies into everyday business processes.

The announcement includes significant upgrades to its Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM) portfolio, targeting a comprehensive improvement of customer logistics operations. Oracle’s newest logistics features boast an array of enhancements—from broadened business intelligence capabilities and refined logistics network modeling to an innovative trade incentive program. Additionally, the launch of an updated Oracle Transportation Management Mobile App and more dynamic workbenches are set to redefine user experience and operational functionality.

Beyond logistics, Oracle has also lifted the veil on noteworthy AI advancements for its Autonomous Database. These updates are poised to streamline the adoption and integration of AI and advanced machine learning algorithms within applications, making artificial intelligence more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The highlights of these AI enhancements include:

  • Autonomous Database Select AI – A pioneering feature that empowers developers to create AI-enabled applications with ease, ushering in a new era of smart application development.
  • Spatial Enhancement in Oracle Machine Learning – This upgrade improves the handling of location relationships within machine learning models, enabling more precise and relevant insights.
  • No-Code Model Monitoring Interface – Oracle places a strong emphasis on user accessibility with a new, user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of monitoring machine learning models without the need for extensive coding knowledge.
  • A new UI for Autonomous Database Graph Studio – introduces an intuitive drag-and-drop method to create property graph views on RDF knowledge, facilitating the exploration of interconnections across knowledge silos. This feature eliminates the complexities traditionally associated with coding, enabling organizations to benefit from sophisticated data analysis effortlessly.

Deepa Param Singhal, Vice President of Cloud Applications at Oracle India, shared insights on the strategic direction of these innovations. “Our goal is to help customers leverage AI to optimize costs and performance and minimize the need for human action,” she explained. Singhal proudly highlighted the growth trajectory of Oracle Fusion Applications, with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP standing out as a significant growth driver, boasting a 34% increase.

The announcement at Oracle Cloud World Mumbai 2024 signals Oracle’s deepening commitment to embedding AI and machine learning technologies into its suite of products. By simplifying complex processes and enhancing logistics and database management, Oracle is set to offer its customers unprecedented levels of efficiency and innovation.

As these new features roll out, businesses worldwide anticipate transformative changes in how they operate and leverage data, promising a new chapter in the era of intelligent enterprise solutions.

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