Galaxy Earbuds Get Smarter with AI-Powered Translation and Interpretation

Samsung’s innovation engine is not slowing down any time soon. After impressing tech enthusiasts with the launch of the Galaxy S24 series and its suite of Galaxy AI features last month, Samsung is proving its commitment to building an interconnected ecosystem. The latest devices to benefit from Samsung’s AI advancements are its true wireless earbuds. Samsung has made an exciting announcement that will please multilingual users and globetrotters: the introduction of Live Translation and Interpretation features to the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

In a recent update shared on the Samsung India website, the tech giant confirmed the integration of these groundbreaking features into its high-end earbuds model. This development is poised to revolutionize how users communicate while using their Galaxy Buds, making conversations in foreign languages easier than ever before.

Rumors are also swirling around thanks to insights from tipster Ishan Agarwal, who claims that these innovative features will extend beyond the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. According to Agarwal, the Galaxy Buds FE and Galaxy Buds 2 are set to receive the Live Translation and Interpretation capabilities as well. However, this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Samsung at the time of writing. Agarwal’s leaks also hint at an intriguing aspect of these features—they reportedly don’t require an internet connection to function. If true, this would align the earbuds’ capabilities with those of the Galaxy S24 series smartphones, which offer similar offline functionality.

It’s clear that Samsung is taking significant strides in enhancing the utility and versatility of its products through software updates. By bringing Live Translation and Interpretation to calls made through the Galaxy Buds, Samsung is not only broadening the scope of communication but also enriching the user experience across its device ecosystem. This move reflects a thoughtful integration of AI technology, ensuring that language barriers become a thing of the past for Samsung users.

While details on the full extent of these features and their rollout to other models are still forthcoming, the prospect of effortlessly conversing in multiple languages through a pair of earbuds is exciting. Samsung continues to showcase its determination to push the boundaries of what’s possible with consumer technology, making the world more connected one device at a time. Stay tuned to see how these features evolve and which devices will next benefit from Samsung’s innovative AI features.

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