Al Masaood Group Leverages SAP For Digital Transformation Across Vital Business Sectors

In a strategic move designed to enhance operational efficiency and foster informed decision-making, the Al Masaood Group, a powerhouse in Abu Dhabi’s landscape of industrial, commercial, and service sectors, has embarked on a journey of digital transformation. This initiative, in collaboration with the global technology company SAP SE, signifies a leap towards becoming an intelligent enterprise, emphasizing the automotive, industrial, and property sectors within the conglomerate.

The integration of SAP’s cloud-based solutions ushers in an era of streamlined business processes for Al Masaood, centralizing and automating functions to provide real-time data across the organization. This transformation not only optimizes efficiency but also boosts the group’s capacity for agile and informed decision-making.

Human capital remains at the forefront of Al Masaood’s strategic objectives. The adoption of SAP SuccessFactors is set to revolutionize the conglomerate’s human resources management by digitizing tasks and creating a comprehensive overview of the workforce lifecycle. This modern approach to HR is expected to enhance aspects from recruitment to career progression and strategic planning for succession, aligning with the group’s vision for growth and excellence.

Sustainability practices also receive a boost with this partnership, aligning Al Masaood Group’s operations with innovative and eco-friendly solutions. The group is already at the forefront of offering sustainable products and services, including eco-enhanced modular buildings and renewable energy solutions, positioning itself as a leader in environmental stewardship.

Central to Al Masaood Group’s strategy is the deployment of RISE with SAP and the S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition. This advanced ERP solution facilitates cloud computing and industry-specific functionalities, further enhancing the group’s operational capabilities and supporting its diverse business interests across automotive, industrial, property, and marine services.

Expressing confidence in the partnership, Meiraj Hussain, Head of Corporate Support at Al Masaood Group, highlighted the competitive edge SAP’s industry expertise brings to the table. The anticipated benefits include significant cost savings, the integration of AI-enhanced processes, and a unified organizational overview to expedite growth opportunities and bolster the decision-making process.

SAP’s Senior Vice President for Middle East Africa, South, Sergio Maccotta, emphasized the synergy between SAP’s comprehensive expertise and Al Masaood’s varied business landscape. This collaboration is set to transform operational efficiency and position Al Masaood Group as a beacon of innovation within the UAE’s private sector.

About Al Masaood Group:

Since its inception in 1970, Al Masaood Group has grown into an Abu Dhabi-based conglomerate, managing 21 global brands and excelling in automotive, industrial, and property sectors. Aligned with the UAE’s vision for sustainable development and economic diversification, the group serves an array of sectors with a focus on enhancement and innovation. It is recognized for its diverse talent pool and has been listed among Forbes’ Top 100 Arab Family Businesses for three consecutive years. Al Masaood commits to the emiratization initiative and sustainable development, evident in its launch of localized solar charging solutions for vehicles and vessels.

About SAP:

SAP strives to empower businesses to operate as intelligent and sustainable enterprises. As a leader in enterprise application software, SAP plays a pivotal role in the global commercial domain. Through its advanced analytics, IoT, and machine learning technologies, SAP helps transform businesses into smart enterprises. The company’s suite of applications and services enables customers across various sectors worldwide to achieve operational profitability and continuous adaptation.

This initiative underscores a significant step forward in the digital landscape, not just for Al Masaood Group but also for the UAE’s broader ambition of technological and sustainable development. The partnership between Al Masaood Group and SAP is set to unlock new frontiers in efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth.

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