Bedrock Security: Revolutionizing Data Security with a $10 Million Boost

In an era where data is the cornerstone of growth, Bedrock Security emerges as a necessary evolution in the landscape of data protection. The company recently rolled out its advanced data security platform, marking a significant stride towards frictionless data security. Furthermore, Bedrock Security has successfully secured $10 million in seed funding, with Greylock leading the charge, to fuel their mission in redefining data security norms.

At its core, Bedrock Security tackles the imperative need for organizations to navigate the complexities of data risk, particularly those introduced by cloud infrastructures and generative AI technologies. The company introduces an innovative solution with its Data AI Reasoning (AIR) Engine. This proprietary technology is designed to recognize and secure critical data, ensuring organizations can safeguard their most valuable assets while continuing to scale and succeed.

The brains behind Bedrock Security, Pranava Adduri and Ganesha Shanmuganathan, bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Adduri, with a history of leadership within Rubrik and AWS, alongside Shanmuganathan’s rich engineering background from his time at Cohesity and VMware and an impressive portfolio of over 50 patents, have combined their insights and skills to develop the Bedrock Platform. This platform stands as a testament to their shared vision of addressing and simplifying the complexities surrounding enterprise data security.

With the AIR Engine, Bedrock Security envisions a world where companies, irrespective of their size or industry, can seamlessly bolster their data security measures. This innovative approach not only refines data classification beyond the capabilities of traditional rule-based systems but also expands the scope of safeguarding regulated data and core intellectual properties from the potential risks associated with training GenAI models.

Bedrock Security’s offering is especially relevant in the context of generative AI—a constantly evolving field that poses novel data challenges. The agility of generative AI models to ingest vast amounts of data at an unprecedented speed necessitates a new breed of data security solutions. Bedrock’s AIR technology, with its advanced features such as data similarity, topic detection, and identity and activity analysis, paves the way for a comprehensive understanding and management of data usage and risk through a singular platform.

Highlighting the company’s mission, the founders shared, “Data sits at the very foundation of growth for modern organizations, and with the rapid incorporation of generative AI, understanding and protecting this data at scale becomes crucial. Our approach surpasses the limitations of traditional Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) and legacy solutions, bringing a new level of efficiency and protection to the field. We are empowering organizations to leverage the full potential of their data, safely and securely, and without increasing risk.”

They further added, “The incorporation of generative AI into our ecosystems brings a unique set of challenges, especially regarding data control once it enters these models. Organizations need a solid guarantee that their GenAI frameworks are secure and compliant. Bedrock Security’s innovative capabilities offer a breakthrough solution, effectively managing the delicate balance between sensitive data and GenAI models. This not only minimizes friction but also accelerates the safe and responsible engagement with generative AI technologies.”

In this digital age, where data breaches and security threats loom large, Bedrock Security’s pioneering platform and vision for frictionless data security usher in a new era of confidence and safety for businesses worldwide, enabling them to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with ease and security.

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