BenQ Introduces Revolutionary ZOWIE XL2586X Gaming Monitor and ZOWIE U2 Wireless Mouse for Elite Esports Competitors

In a substantial move to elevate the standard of professional gaming gear, BenQ has announced the launch of its highly anticipated ZOWIE XL2586X gaming monitor alongside the ZOWIE U2 wireless mouse. These latest introductions are aimed directly at pro esports players and gaming aficionados in India who prioritize cutting-edge technology for an edge in competitive play.

The ZOWIE XL2586X gaming monitor sets a new benchmark for competitive gaming displays with its innovative DyAc™2 technology paired with an unprecedented 540Hz refresh rate, marking a significant milestone in the Indian gaming market. The integration of DyAc™2 technology with such a high refresh rate dramatically enhances motion clarity and minimizes on-screen blur, providing gamers the advantage to track fast-moving objects with greater ease.

Highlights of the ZOWIE XL2586X:

  • Revolutionary 540Hz refresh rate, offering unparalleled fluidity in game visuals.
  • DyAc™2 technology improves motion clarity and reduces visual distractions during gameplay.
  • Optimized for professional esports athletes requiring precision and speed.

The ZOWIE U2 wireless mouse is a masterpiece of precision engineering, crafted for esports competitors who demand impeccable control and agility. Its symmetrical design, rooted in sports science principles, facilitates precise movements and rapid directional changes. The mouse boasts an advanced wireless receiver that also functions as a charging dock, ensuring consistent performance and ease of movement throughout marathon gaming sessions.

Highlights of the ZOWIE U2 Mouse:

  • Sport science-inspired symmetrical shape for enhanced control and nimbleness.
  • Superior wireless functionality with an integrated charging/receiver dock for uninterrupted play.
  • Engineered for the rigorous demands of high-stakes competitive gaming.

BenQ’s foray into high-performance gaming peripherals with the ZOWIE XL2586X monitor and U2 wireless mouse demonstrates its commitment to supporting esports professionals. By focusing on the specific needs of competitive gamers who require not just excellence but also reliability in their equipment, BenQ continues to be at the forefront of the esports technology race, championing innovations that push the boundaries of gaming performance.

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