“Bleach: Brave Souls” Thousand-Year Blood War Zenith Summons: Reinforcements Featuring Meninas, Rangiku, and Yumichika Begins March 31 Alongside a Spring Festival Campaign

The dynamic landscape of “Bleach: Brave Souls” welcomes a vibrant new chapter with the initiation of the Thousand-Year Blood War Zenith Summons: Reinforcements, scheduled to start this Sunday, March 31. This spring brings not just fresh blooms but also compelling additions to the game’s roster, including the likes of Meninas, Rangiku, and Yumichika, who promise to stir the ongoing warfare with their unique prowess.

Enhance Your Squad with Meninas, Rangiku, and Yumichika

Beginning March 31 at 16:00 (JST) and continuing until April 15 at 15:59 (JST), players have the golden opportunity to summon these newly introduced characters. Each step of the summons process through step 20 guarantees a featured 5 Star character, offering players a heightened chance to bolster their line-ups with these formidable warriors. By the time summoners reach Step 25, they will be rewarded with a special ticket, granting them the power to choose one of the new characters to add to their collection.

A Bounty of Spring Festival Bonuses

The excitement doesn’t stop with the new summons. “Bleach: Brave Souls” is also ushering in a Spring Festival, set to run concurrently from March 31 at 00:00 (JST) to April 16 at 23:59 (JST). Participants can reap rewards simply by logging in daily during this period, with up to 75 Spirit Orbs and 60 Soul Tickets up for grabs. Further enriching the spring festivities, the game will feature various events offering even grander prizes.

A Quiz for the Astute and a Call for Sage Advice

Engage with the Spirit Orbs Quiz Campaign from March 28 to April 6 and prove your knowledge about the latest summons for a chance to win up to 100 Spirit Orbs. Achieving the target number of correct answers will also unlock ten 4 Star/5 Star Accessory Tickets for all players. And the generosity continues with the New Character Advice Corner campaign, running until April 17. Players can share advice and insights on utilizing the new characters effectively. If the community reaches the target number of posts, all participants will be rewarded with three 5 Star Accessory Tickets.

About “Bleach: Brave Souls”

Immersing players in the rich universe of “Bleach,” this enthralling 3D action game brings to life the anime’s iconic characters, engaging storylines, and intense battles. Available on multiple platforms, including App Store, Google Play, Steam, and PlayStation Store, “Bleach: Brave Souls” continues to expand its global fanbase. This game allows fans to dive deep into the “Bleach” world, strategizing and competing with players around the globe.

Prepare your squads and mark your calendars for March 31 to join the fray in “Bleach: Brave Souls” with the start of the Thousand-Year Blood War Zenith Summons: Reinforcements and the Spring Festival. It’s time to enhance your gameplay experience with new characters, formidable challenges, and enticing rewards.

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