Fortifying Cyber Resilience: Peraton’s Data-Centric Approach to Government Security

In the era of digital transformation, the surge in data has brought to the forefront the imperative need for robust data management to ensure cyber resilience. Government agencies are on constant alert, tasked with safeguarding national security against evolving cyber threats. Investing in strong cyber resilience strategies has become a cornerstone for these entities to outpace adversaries effectively. In this landscape, industry partners play a pivotal role, and one such ally for the government is Peraton.

Peraton, with a rich heritage spanning over three decades in information technology and national security, stands at the forefront of providing cutting-edge data management solutions to pivotal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the intelligence community. Gregg Garrett, Peraton’s Vice President of Cybersecurity Capabilities, underscores the cruciality of robust data management as the bedrock for cybersecurity excellence. “It’s not all about the flashy cybersecurity tools and the latest AI capabilities,” he elucidates. “A solid foundation in data management is vital to effectively leverage these cybersecurity innovations.”

Emphasizing the critical significance of data management, Orlando Ruiz, Peraton’s Technical Director and Cyber Systems Architect within its Cyber Mission sector, articulates that ensuring the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of data lies at the heart of safeguarding critical assets. Data management certifies data accuracy (integrity), ensures it is readily accessible when required (availability), and shields it from unauthorized access (confidentiality).

“This foundational approach allows government agencies to adeptly manage people, processes, and technology. It aids them in navigating the challenges posed by the increasing volume, variety, velocity, and veracity of data,” Ruiz adds. “This capability is instrumental in applying advanced analytics and AI for threat detection and swiftly responding to cyber threats.”

Peraton’s data management strategy is aligned with international standards, treating data as a strategic asset. This strategy includes maintaining business integrity, ensuring privacy, normalizing data, and bolstering information security through a comprehensive suite of tools.

Among Peraton’s innovative tools is ThreatBoard, a platform that provides exhaustive data analysis, threat intelligence, and proactive incident response capabilities, leveraging technologies like natural language processing. Supported by Peraton’s Fractals software, ThreatBoard offers customizable views and enhances interoperability with communication platforms, thus breaking down data silos and enhancing operational efficiency.

By integrating data into one streamlined interface, Peraton’s solutions, such as ThreatBoard, simplify cybersecurity tasks. This consolidation not only saves time and reduces costs but also enhances the efficiency and alertness of analysts. Furthermore, solutions like the Artificial Intelligence Research Enhancing Solution (AIRES) significantly ease analysts’ workloads by utilizing AI and machine learning to rapidly develop cyber defense strategies while ensuring data governance and privacy.

Peraton’s approach to cybersecurity is deeply rooted in understanding the multifaceted factors that agencies must consider when building data resiliency. As a mission capability integrator, Peraton leverages industry-leading tools and technologies along with its unique intellectual property, developed through government-funded cyber R&D and independent research.

Garrett points out that Peraton’s forte is in devising tailor-made cybersecurity solutions that resonate with an agency’s specific technological, threat, and budgetary requirements. “Anyone who’s ever worked as a security analyst will attest to the challenges of data overload. Mitigating this not only improves the morale but also the performance of security operation analysts,” he says.

Understanding data is tantamount to understanding the customer’s mission, a principle deeply ingrained in Peraton’s ethos, according to Ruiz. This profound insight into various datasets thrusts Peraton into a leadership position in customer service and solution innovation.

Ultimately, Peraton’s bespoke solutions, tailored to each agency’s unique requirements, position it as an invaluable partner for those striving for utmost data resilience. Specializing in the implementation of zero trust architectures and the development of comprehensive defense strategies, Peraton emerges as the quintessential ally for agencies navigating the complex cyber landscape.

“Our ability to amalgamate our comprehensive capabilities and customize solutions is truly unparalleled,” concludes Garrett, highlighting Peraton’s unique advantage in the cyber resilience realm.

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