Unveiling the Digital Trust Divide: Insights from the Latest DigiCert Study

The burgeoning chasm between organizations excelling in digital trust and those trailing is becoming more pronounced, as revealed by the latest insights from the 2024 State of Digital Trust Survey. With digital trust at a premium, the survey casts a spotlight on the pivotal divide shaping the landscape of enterprise digital interactions.

Central to the findings is the dichotomy between ‘leaders’ — entities that have adeptly navigated the complexities of digital trust, securing advantages in revenue, innovation, and productivity — and ‘laggards’, those that struggle to harness the benefits of a digitized trust framework. This differentiation furnishes crucial insights and practices for organizations aiming to bridge the gap and leverage digital trust to their advantage.

The survey delineates a clear stratification within the enterprise ecosystem. Leaders, comprising the top third of respondents, not only report robust financial performance and innovation metrics but also demonstrate resilience against digital outages and incidents. Their readiness for the upcoming challenges of Post Quantum Cryptography and adeptness in harnessing Internet of Things (IoT) advancements stand in stark contrast to the bottom third, or laggards, who lag in these critical areas.

Interestingly, the leaders’ edge extends to their administrative strategies, showing a propensity for centralized certificate management and a higher adoption rate of S/MIME technology for email authentication and encryption. These mature digital trust management practices starkly differentiate them from their less successful counterparts.

The survey also unearths significant variances concerning enterprises’ vulnerability to core system issues and compliance breaches. Leaders enjoy a more fortified stance with no reported system outages or compliance entanglements, vis-à-vis the laggards, who grapple with numerous challenges including a 50% rate of IoT compliance issues.

Focusing on the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, the disparity remains evident, with 83% of leaders free from compliance concerns contrasted against 80% of laggards. The readiness for Post Quantum Computing further amplifies this gap, showcasing leaders’ proactive strides toward addressing future security challenges.

The essence of these findings underscores the indispensable role of digital trust in shaping organizational success. Evidently, leaders who prioritize and adeptly manage digital trust not only navigate the current landscape more efficiently but also position themselves favorably for future technological shifts.

The burgeoning threat landscape further exacerbates the divide, spotlighting the urgency for organizations, especially those in the intermediary bracket, to eschew complacency and actively fortify their digital trust frameworks.

The imperative, as stressed by industry experts, is for organizations to thoroughly imbibe the tenets of digital trust into their strategic planning. This encompasses staying abreast of industry standards, ensuring regulatory compliance across geographies, managing the lifecycle of digital trust technologies, and extending trust protocols into digital ecosystems.

As revealed through the meticulous methodological survey conducted by Dallas-based Eleven Research, engaging 300 senior IT, Information Security, and DevOps managers across North America, Europe, and APAC, the journey toward achieving digital trust is marked by strategic investment and a commitment to adopting best practices. Organizations that ardently pursue these objectives not only solidify their standing but also reap tangible benefits including enhanced user trust, minimized data breach risks, and assured operational uptime.

The insights from DigiCert’s 2024 survey serve as a clarion call for enterprises to earnestly embrace digital trust as a cardinal element of their strategic outlook, setting the stage for a future where secure, trust-anchored digital interactions are the norm.

About DigiCert, Inc.

DigiCert stands at the forefront of digital trust, providing unparalleled solutions that empower businesses and individuals to interact securely in the digital domain. Through its innovative DigiCert® ONE platform, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services facilitating website security, enterprise access, communication encryption, identity verification, content safety, and device authentication. DigiCert’s commitment to excellence, coupled with its leadership in industry standards and operational support, makes it the preferred choice for digital trust services worldwide.

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