Brightline Interactive Secures Over $4 Million Contract with Department of Defense

In a significant announcement from New York, Brightline Interactive, a premiere subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRAR)(FSE: 9DR), has revealed the acquisition of a substantial one-year task order contract, valued at over $4 million, with a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) entity. This notable agreement tasks Brightline with the development of an advanced spatial computing ecosystem. This innovative system is designed to facilitate the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) workflows and expedite computational processes for a range of defense applications.

The cutting-edge ecosystem is set to revolutionize the way enterprise and public sector entities manipulate large datasets, enabling complex computations. Spatial computing, the core technology behind this initiative, leverages accelerated computing power to analyze spatial data. This allows for the generation of insights, predictions, and the execution of intricate calculations over digital twins that perfectly mirror real objects or environments. This technology addressing critical challenges in infrastructure, operational maintenance, and the realms of training and simulation, is expected to markedly enhance efficiency and capability within defense operations.

Tyler Gates, the General Manager at Brightline Interactive, shares his enthusiasm for the project: “We are steadfast in our belief that spatial computing is the future, driving our dedication to crafting a comprehensive ecosystem around it. By committing to open standards, we ensure our system’s compatibility across all existing and future platforms and systems. Our focus is not only to replicate the real world into accurate digital twins for visualization but also to expand their functionality to include computing, simulation, and modernization processes.”

Furthermore, Lyron Bentovim, President and CEO of The Glimpse Group, echoed Gates’ sentiments, highlighting the transformative potential of spatial computing. “This technology seamlessly bridges the gap between our digital and physical realities, allowing for the creation of intricate digital twins. These twins mirror our environment and provide a platform for improved interaction, analysis, and decision-making across various sectors,” Bentovim stated.

About Brightline Interactive

Brightline Interactive stands at the forefront of spatial computing, deep technology, and 5G integration. The company specializes in designing, building, and integrating immersive and interactive experiences, training scenarios, and simulations for government as well as commercial sectors. Renowned for its innovative solutions, Brightline not only acts as a pioneering architect for these cutting-edge technologies but also as a full-scale developer and integrator of complex systems. With a strategic focus on partnerships, scalable growth, and data virtualization, Brightline Interactive paves the way for advancements in spatial computing and beyond. For more about Brightline Interactive’s groundbreaking work and services, visit

The collaboration between Brightline Interactive and the Department of Defense marks a significant milestone in the military’s embrace of next-generation technologies. As spatial computing continues to evolve, its application across defense strategies signifies a leap towards more efficient, accurate, and effective operational capabilities. This partnership not only showcases the practical applications of spatial computing in critical sectors but also reaffirms Brightline Interactive’s position as a leader in technological innovation and strategic defense solutions.

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