Creating New Visibility: The Gamers Assembly Unveils an Eye-Opening Challenge

In an unprecedented move at the Gamers Assembly held in Poitiers, France, Optic 2000 partnered with AUSTRALIEGAD to set the stage for an extraordinary challenge that shook the foundations of gaming conventions. In a heartwarming endeavor to shine a light on visual impairment, they introduced a legendary gaming contest that had a visually impaired player, equipped with a ground-breaking device, compete against sighted players, transforming perceptions of disability in the gaming world.

The Optic 2000 Challenger Initiative

Optic 2000 has consistently been at the forefront of advocating for technological advancements to aid those with visual impairments. Carrying forward this legacy, since 2023, they have backed the innovative start-up Artha. Artha’s pioneering solution, a mobility belt, has been a beacon of hope, converting visual signals into tactile impulses, hence offering a newfound sense of freedom to the visually impaired.

At the heart of this event was the “Optic 2000 Challenger” competition, spotlighting Salim Ejnaïni, the first visually impaired gamer to navigate the gaming world with the assist of an Artha mobility belt. His battlefield was the iconic game Trackmania, where he faced off against sighted players. This remarkable partnership between Optic 2000 and Artha underlines Optic 2000’s unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for those affected by low vision and its continuous effort to foster innovation for enhancing the independence of visually impaired individuals.

In the words of Benoit Jaubert, Managing Director of Groupement Optic 2000, “Supporting this groundbreaking initiative fills us with pride and presents a golden opportunity to alter the public’s perception of visual impairment. Our aim has always been to accompany our customers through every phase of their life, ensuring the highest quality of visual comfort.”

A Stand for Awareness

The event also served as a platform to sensitize the public about visual impairment and highlight the risks associated with excessive screen exposure. An Optic 2000 booth offered invaluable insights into eye care health, where visitors could have their eyes tested by professional opticians.

An innovative workshop invited attendees to experience the world through the lens of visual impairments. Special glasses simulated conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, allowing visitors to empathetically understand the challenges faced by individuals with these conditions while engaging in an awareness-building game.

Behind the Scenes with AUSTRALIEGAD

Adding another layer to the experience, AUSTRALIEGAD’s cameras were there to capture Salim’s journey from his preparation to his participation in the Optic 2000 Challenger. This captivating behind-the-scenes look offers a glimpse into the determination and spirit of gamers like Salim, who overcome challenges to pursue their passion. This inspiring footage promises to be a beacon of motivation for individuals facing similar hurdles, showcasing that with technology and support, nothing is out of reach.

In conclusion, the event at the Gamers Assembly unfolded as a narrative of inspiration and awareness, challenging preconceived notions about visual impairment and gaming. Through the pioneering efforts of Optic 2000 and AUSTRALIEGAD, alongside the visionary technology of Artha, a new dimension of inclusivity and understanding emerges in the gaming community, promising a brighter, more inclusive future for all gamers, regardless of their physical limitations.

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