Meta Unveils Revolutionary Free AI Chatbot While Adobe Introduces Sora to Premiere

In an impressive stride towards making artificial intelligence more accessible, Meta has unveiled its latest innovation – a free AI chatbot dubbed ‘Meta AI’ equipped with the advanced Llama 3 technology. This groundbreaking tool is now available to approximately 3.98 billion people worldwide, underscoring Meta’s commitment to expanding the reach of AI technologies. This development poses a significant challenge to competitors like Google, OpenAI, and X, urging them to reconsider their subscription models for their AI services.

The new AI assistant from Meta has been seamlessly integrated across the company’s popular platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the Facebook Newsfeed, with additional access via its dedicated website. Based on an open-source framework, Meta AI showcases remarkable capabilities in generating images and providing responses enriched with summaries and annotations, leveraging data from Bing and Google. An intriguing feature of Meta AI is its ability to transform images into dynamic .gifs, enhancing user experience at no extra cost. Meta has also announced an enterprise version tailored for cloud platforms, broadening its application spectrum.

On another front, Adobe is set to revolutionize video editing with its latest addition to Premiere – Sora, equipped with Firefly AI technology. This update introduces advanced editing features such as in-painting for object manipulation and generative extend, allowing users to augment video clips seamlessly. Moreover, users can look forward to the integration of Generative B-Roll courtesy of Sora, promising a significant enhancement in editing workflows. These exciting upgrades are scheduled to roll out in the coming month, marking a new era of AI-driven content creation.

However, the tech world has also witnessed the closure of Glue VR, a Helsinki-based collaboration platform that rose to prominence during the pandemic. Despite initial success and securing substantial funding, Glue faced stiff competition in the crowded niche of VR collaboration tools, leading to its eventual shutdown. This event mirrors broader trends in the industry, highlighted by Sony’s discontinuation of its PlayStation 2 VR production and growing disinterest in VR technology among younger audiences.

In the realm of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), Valve co-founder Gabe Newell has made headlines with his venture, Starfish Neuroscience. This company is pioneering minimally invasive BCI technology, marking a significant advancement in the field.

Meanwhile, Animoca Brands, known for its investments in The Sandbox and other prominent digital assets, has revealed an impressive portfolio of $558 million in digital assets and $291 million in cash and stablecoins, showcasing the company’s strong financial standing in the Web3 domain.

Exploring the intersection of AI and entertainment, screenwriter and AI filmmaker Gregory Mandarano demonstrated the potential of AI tools in filmmaking. Using the AI music generator Udio, Mandarano crafted a unique piece dedicated to a character from Star Wars, showcasing the innovative synergy between traditional storytelling and modern technology.

Furthermore, the production team Abandoned Films has utilized AI to create a series of video memes with a nostalgic 1950s Super Panavision 70 aesthetic, integrating various tools such as Midjourney and ChatGPT for content creation. This initiative highlights the evolving landscape of digital content, where AI plays a pivotal role in enabling creativity and expression.

This wave of advancements across Meta’s AI initiatives, Adobe’s integrations, and the broader tech landscape illustrates the dynamic nature of the industry. As companies continue to explore and integrate AI technologies, the potential for innovation and transformation remains boundless, promising an exciting future for both creators and consumers alike.

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