Introducing Revolutionary Industrial Computing Solutions by Portwell Built on Intel Atom® x7000RE Series

In a significant development that marks a new era in the industrial computing landscape, Portwell orchestrates a robust suite of motherboards, computer modules, and embedded systems. These advancements harness the power of the Intel Atom® x7000RE Series processors, underscoring Portwell’s enduring commitment to heralding high-performance, resilient computing platforms. These innovations are set to catalyze transformative changes across various industrial domains, propelling customers to the forefront of technological advancement and competitive superiority.

Embracing the innovative architecture presented by Intel, Portwell’s latest offerings boast unrivaled processing strength, seamless integration, and steadfast reliability. These attributes are meticulously designed to satisfy the rigorous requirements imposed by contemporary industrial operations.

Processor Advancements Redefining the Industrial, Communication, and Edge Computing Paradigms

The Intel Atom® x7000RE Series processors emerge as a beacon of progress in the realms of industrial, communication, and edge computing. Building upon the success of its predecessors, this series enhances performance scalability with up to eight Gracemont cores optimized for low-power consumption. It also delivers augmented capabilities in CPU and GPU performance, alongside AI inference acceleration via AVX2 and VNNI support. Crafted for the industrial spectrum, the x7000RE Series endow devices with the capability to endure extended temperature variances, sustain predictable performance, and support real-time operations with Intel TCC and TSN, paired with an integrated GPU for comprehensive AI and media processing activities.

Diverse Product Ecosystem with Advanced and Reliable Design

The Portwell NANO-6064-ASL, an industrial-grade Nano-ITX embedded board, emerges with enhanced performance and dependability for industrial applications. It features a plethora of connectivity options including M.2, microSD, SATA III, and TPM, along with support for triple displays through HDMI, DisplayPort, and LVDS. Engineered to operate in extreme conditions, it showcases superior ESD protection and commendable resilience across wide temperature ranges, making it ideal for critical applications spanning medical control systems, industrial automation, and more.

In the arena of modular computing, the PCOM-B646 COM Express Type 6 module presents itself as a coveted choice for Type 6 users. It not only offers a seamless upgrade for users of Intel Atom-based compact modules but also integrates seamlessly into edge computing scenarios with its low-power Atom platform. The module is especially beneficial for industries requiring CAN bus support, offering a potent mix of performance efficiency and adaptability across automotive, medical, and control applications.

The PCOM-BA03GL COM Express Type 10 module is another standout, delivering powerful computing capabilities with efficiency. It comes equipped with up to 16GB of LPDDR5 SDRAM and 32GB of eMMC storage, balancing power consumption with top-notch display capabilities. Its design is ideal for military and industrial operations, ensuring reliability in the toughest environments.

For demanding industrial applications, the WEBS-21J0-ASL stands out as a rugged, fanless embedded system. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, it supports broad temperature ranges and includes an array of I/O interfaces for seamless system integration. It’s perfectly suited for applications in factory automation, process control, and as an IoT gateway, ensuring dependable computing power where it matters most.

With more than three decades of delivering trusted industrial embedded computing solutions, Portwell continues to offer unparalleled support from design to production. Their initiative to provide comprehensive upgrade roadmaps and project support reflects a deep-seated commitment to driving industry success through innovative technological solutions.


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