Who is Backing Biden? NPR’s Tracking of Democratic Stance on Biden’s 2024 Presidential Run

As President Joe Biden gears up for the 2024 presidential election, the Democratic Party’s stance appears varied, with some lawmakers openly supporting the president, others calling for new leadership, and a few expressing concerns about the current political trajectory. NPR is closely monitoring these developments, providing a comprehensive list of Democratic lawmakers whose positions on Biden’s candidacy reveal a party at a crossroads.

Democrats Calling for Biden to Step Down

As of the latest update on July 6, 2024, a handful of Democratic lawmakers have publicly urged President Biden not to seek re-election. This group, motivated by various political and tactical considerations, includes:

  • Rep. Angie Craig (Minnesota) – Voiced her opinion on July 6.
  • Rep. Mike Quigley (Illinois) – Made his stance known on July 5.
  • Rep. Seth Moulton (Massachusetts) – Declared his position on July 4.
  • Rep. Raúl Grijalva (Arizona) – Came forward with his views on July 3.
  • Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Texas) – Announced his position on July 2.

Democratic Backers of Biden

In contrast to those calling for a new face, a group of nine Democrats has openly endorsed President Biden’s re-election bid. Among these supporters are prominent figures from various states, showcasing a wide array of support across the country:

  • Sen. John Fetterman (Pennsylvania) – Expressed his support on July 5.
  • Sen. Chris Coons (Delaware) – Also came out in support on July 5.
  • Gov. Kathy Hochul (New York) – Backed Biden on July 4.
  • Gov. Tim Walz (Minnesota) – Showed his support on July 4.
  • Gov. Wes Moore (Maryland) – Announced his backing on July 4.
  • Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan) – Joined the supporters on July 3.
  • Gov. Gavin Newsom (California) – Voiced his support on July 3.
  • Rep. John Garamendi (California) – Announced his support on July 3.
  • Rep. Haley Stevens (Michigan) – Backed Biden as early as July 2.

Democrats Expressing Concern

The category of lawmakers expressing concern reflects a diverse group hesitant to fully back or oppose Biden’s 2024 presidential run. As of the latest update, seven Democrats have publicly expressed varying levels of concern over Biden’s candidacy:

  • Gov. Maura Healey (Massachusetts) – Expressed concerns on July 5.
  • Gov. Josh Green (Hawaii) – Voiced his concerns on July 4.
  • Rep. Scott Peters (California) – Shared his apprehensions on July 4.
  • Rep. Jared Huffman (California) – Announced his concerns on July 4.
  • Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (Washington) – Came forward with her worries on July 2.
  • Rep. Jared Golden (Maine) – Expressed his unease on July 2.
  • Rep. Jim Clyburn (South Carolina) – Voiced his concerns as early as June 30.

NPR’s tracking reflects an evolving Democratic response to President Biden’s re-election campaign, illustrating the complex landscape of support, opposition, and hesitation within the party. As the 2024 presidential election draws nearer, the positions of Democratic lawmakers may yet shift. NPR promises to keep the public updated as new developments occur.

For more detailed information and updates, visit NPR’s official website.

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