Digilence Unveils Groundbreaking Symphony Platform for Top 400 Accounting Firms

In a significant move poised to transform the landscape of accounting technology, Atlanta-based Digilence, LLC, a pioneer in digital intelligence solutions catering to the accounting industry, has unveiled Symphony. This advanced platform is targeted at the top 400 accounting firms, offering a unique integration, automation, and AI-driven solution designed to streamline operations by connecting disparate legacy systems within the accounting profession.

Symphony marks a significant milestone as it rolls out as part of the Digilence Cloud. This expansion is set to commercialize an unparalleled integration and automation platform, aiming to weave a coherent data fabric that includes both modern and traditional systems. The initiative underscores a bold step towards enabling accounting firms to embrace AI and automation across a wide range of legacy client engagement systems.

The integration of Symphony with Conductor, Digilence’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity applications, is a testament to the firm’s commitment to propelling digital transformation within the accounting sector. This innovative approach seeks to digitize and optimize inefficient processes across tax, audit, and client engagement cycles.

For years, the accounting sector has grappled with the challenge of integrating legacy systems with contemporary digital solutions and automating the processes in between. The impediments posed by data and process gaps have significantly hindered firms’ ability to modernize and leverage the potential of digital and automation technologies.

“Symphony is crafted to bridge this gap, ensuring seamless integration with leading engagement systems from Wolters Kluwer / CCH, Thomson Reuters, IRIS, among others. This cohesion fosters a consolidated firm-wide data structure, optimizing the use of AI and automation,” expressed Chad Osgood, the Chief Executive Officer of Digilence.

Symphony is uniquely positioned as the first integration and automation platform within the accounting ecosystem to offer pre-configured integrations, not only with modern APIs but also with traditional desktop applications and data sources devoid of APIs. This feature is a game-changer for accounting firms, granting them the capacity to achieve a unified “version of truth” by amalgamating client data and engagement workflows previously distributed across multiple systems.

The strategic deployment of Symphony is aimed at eliminating redundancies, automating manual operations, and revitalizing client data. Digilence’s visionary goal is to empower accounting firms to fully harness the potential of AI across a comprehensive range of client data and engagements.

As the accounting profession stands on the brink of a digital makeover, Symphony is poised to spearhead the digital transformation journey. More than just a tool, Symphony represents an all-encompassing platform that enables firms to fulfill the vision of a “Digital Firm.” This vision encompasses the consolidation and modernization of the legacy environment and a transformation in client experience, setting a new benchmark for operational excellence in the accounting industry.

With Symphony, Digilence reaffirms its leadership in driving innovation that is both transformative and practical, charting a new course for the future of accounting firms worldwide.

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