Ola Founder Bhavish Aggarwal Ready to Take on Tech Giants with Krutrim Cloud

In an audacious move that could redefine the landscape of the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, Indian ride-hailing behemoth Ola has announced the launch of its cloud platform, Krutrim Cloud. The platform is poised to disrupt the current market dominance of tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon with its promise of competitive pricing and an open ecosystem tailored to the specific needs of Indian developers.

During a recent tech event, Ola’s founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, shared his vision for Krutrim Cloud, emphasizing its potential not just to compete with but also to surpass existing cloud services in terms of energy efficiency and affordability. Aggarwal’s critique of the high costs associated with cloud services for AI development highlighted a significant barrier for developers, especially in India. Krutrim Cloud is positioned as the solution to this problem, offering a more accessible and economical alternative.

“We are building our own technology to do energy management to make the most efficient data centers in the world. I am willing to compete with Microsoft, Google or whoever to say, we will do better than them. The cloud cost we pay is the same as the amount paid by American developers. How is it justified? We will resolve that,” Aggarwal stated confidently.

Krutrim Cloud’s Stand Against AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Krutrim Cloud distinguishes itself with its pledge to maintain an open ecosystem. Aggarwal criticized the “closed ecosystems” of tech major players like Amazon, Google, and Apple, which he believes restrict developer freedom. Contrary to this, Krutrim aims to be a full-stack AI platform that significantly simplifies and accelerates app development for creators.

An integral part of Krutrim Cloud’s offering is its focus on linguistic diversity, recognizing India’s vast array of languages. The AI assistant within Krutrim has been developed using a vast dataset incorporating many Indic languages and currently understands and interacts intelligently in more than 10 Indian languages. There are plans underway to expand this capacity to include all 22 official Indian languages, marking a significant leap towards inclusivity.

“Krutrim is an Indian platform for developing global applications,” declared Aggarwal. He further elaborated on the future roadmap for Krutrim, which includes the development of various models tailored to the Indian context, such as voice and vision-based models, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to catering to the unique needs of the Indian market.

With its strategic emphasis on affordability, openness, and inclusivity, Krutrim Cloud is positioned to catalyze a significant shift in AI development for Indian developers and potentially for the global market. This bold play by Ola could potentially challenge the status quo of the AI development landscape, prompting a pivotal turn towards more accessible and diverse technological advancements.

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